15 Healthy Habits That Make Weight Loss Super Simple

Weight loss isn’t always easy, but with some clever planning, it can get simple.

I make my weight loss transformation go smoothly by deciding what healthy habits I want to establish and then creating a self-care routine I can actually stick to.

Many of us struggle with self-discipline and consistency in our weight loss routines.

One hack I discovered that is helping improve my discipline and consistency is seriously putting in the work to establish healthy habits.

15 Healthy Habits That Make Weight Loss Super Simple

15 Healthy Habits That Make Weight Loss Super Simple
15 Healthy Habits That Make Weight Loss Super Simple

#1: Work on your inner state and feelings daily

Your outer world is a reflection of what’s going on inside. If there is something you’re not happy about that you’d like to change, you’ve got to start from within to make real change that’ll last.

But what we’ve learned to do is jump right into action, start a diet and head to the gym only to find ourselves falling off again within months if not weeks.

We fall off because we’re forgetting to get out minds and feelings on board.

A great place to start with doing inner work is to sit quietly for 15 minutes a day to feel good and then set intentions to feel good and take your focus off of your problems.

#2: Give your body love daily

From doing the inner work mentioned above, I started seeing myself differently. The first day I looked at my body in the mirror and didn’t feel negative about what I saw I actually started crying good tears.

It felt good to look at my body and feel love and appreciation instead of anger and frustration.

Working on ourselves with clean eating and exercise out of appreciating our bodies does something beautiful that dieting and exercising out of a negative place can’t do.

It lowers resistance because it becomes something we want to do instead of something we have to do.

I practice love for my body by looking at myself naked in the mirror and giving appreciation for the journey so far, allowing me to be here to enjoy life, and the great lessons I’ve learned so far living in it.

Giving your body love daily can make weight loss simple by updating your mindset in a way that it’ll help you instead of hinder your goals.

#3: Visualize your healthy lifestyle for 15 minutes a day

This exercise also works wonders for getting your mindset on board with your weight loss routine.

We too often leave our mindsets out of our weight loss routines, but we’re constantly battling our mindsets and struggling to have the discipline and consistency to stick to our routines.

Visualizing what your healthy lifestyle looks like helps your mind change the thoughts and beliefs that hinder your progress.

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For 15 minutes a day, in the morning or right before bed, sit in a quiet place and let the vision comes to you. Don’t force it.

And feel what it’ll feel like to live healthy and be at your desired weight.

More healthy habits to add to your routine that’ll make weight loss simple

#4: Start your morning with a glass of room temperature water 

#5: Drink ½ to 1 gallon of water daily

#6: Drink a glass of apple cider vinegar water before meals 

#7: Eat a hearty breakfast

#8: Build a habit of being nibble-free | keep it simple and stick to your planned meals

#9: Eat a clean diet that supports a healthy appetite and curb cravings | I’ve tried all types of diets that left me hella hungry and craving. Keto has been the best besides a paleo diet to keep my appetite and cravings in check. And it has worked wonders for others.

#10: Eat simple meal combinations | Simple meal combinations make it easy to stick to a clean diet, track calories, and stick to macros. They also take much less time to meal prep.

#11: Meal plan, shop, and meal prep weekly | You’ve got to plan and prep. You’re going to want to invest in some durable meal prep containers and a scale.

#12: Implement a daily intermittent fasting schedule | Intermittent fasting made weight loss effortless and I seemed to melt overnight. There’s a reason it is the bee’s knees. It works.

#13: Make sure to get up regularly if you have a sedentary job | Stand up, stretch, take a walk. It helps manage stress and getting movement. Stress causes weight gain and can hinder weight loss.

#14: Do not eat close to bed | I share this often. When I stopped eating close to bedtime, I lost the most weight quickly and with little effort. I made sure not to eat after 4 pm and woke up one morning with my waist beads slipping off during a morning stretch. Going to bed on an empty stomach helps your body get the rest it needs and do other things it needs to do while you sleep.

#15: Get high-quality sleep | Good sleep matters to weight loss too. Turn off electronics at least an hour before bed, make sure not to drink caffeine too late in the day, and give your body time to digest food before falling asleep.

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