Here Are Best Blog Ideas That Make Money In Few Time



It’s time to address the age-old subject of what types of blogs generate revenue. Learn more about the money-making blog niches below, as well as how much some of the most successful bloggers in each field make on a monthly basis. Blog Ideas That Make Money In Few Time

Here Are Best Blog Ideas That Make Money In Few Time


 Parenting/Mom Blogs

Are you a mother or father? Then, as one of the top money-making blog ideas, you may easily create your own mom or parenting blog.

This is one of the most popular money-making blog niches, thus it’s a crowded market in the blogging world. That isn’t to suggest you can’t create your own parenting blog with a unique perspective or strategy that hasn’t been done before.

For example, perhaps you only work with babies or children in middle school. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s unique and distinct from any other mom or parenting blog out there.

Other possibilities include focusing on ways to keep youngsters occupied, kid-friendly cuisine, and how to parent teenagers. To be honest, the possibilities for a parenting or motherhood blog are limitless.

Sponsored posts, ads, and affiliate income are the most prevalent ways for bloggers in this sector to make money. A significant number of bloggers in this field also generate money by selling digital products to their readers.

 Recipe and Food Blogs

Food is another one of the most profitable themes, which makes sense because people are always looking for new ways to improve their cooking skills.

This is also a popular blogging niche for Pinterest marketing, but that may be a separate blog post.

Blogs about food and recipes that make money

Similarly to mom and parenting blogs, there are a plethora of different perspectives or themes you can take with a food blog, despite the fact that this is already a popular area. You may concentrate entirely on one type of food, such as Italian, or simply on healthful meals.

I’m sure you’ve looked for a receipt and wound up on a culinary blog a few times – perhaps without even recognizing it. These types of blogs are excellent for increasing traffic and ranking in search engines.

Affiliate income, adverts, and sponsored posts are the most typical ways for people to generate money from food blogs.

It can be more difficult to create passive revenue from digital items in this sector because few people would want to buy a cookbook from you when most of your recipes are already available for free on your blog.

 Blogs about technology or video games

Consider launching a technology-related blog. This can be a very profitable blog niche, especially because technology is continually evolving and we want to stay on top of the latest trends.

Tech reviews are the most typical approach to start a technology blog. People want to know if buying a costly piece of equipment is worthwhile, and your evaluation could be quite useful to them.

Video games are another prominent subset of the technology umbrella. This can be computer games or games for another platform, but it can bring a lot of traffic to your website, especially from gamers.

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Affiliate income is a typical way to make money with this type of blog, as it is with the other blogs on our list. Technology is also expensive, so if you can persuade someone that a product is worthwhile and they click to buy it through your link, you can profit handsomely.

Tech and video game bloggers can also monetize their sites through sponsorships and advertising. Passive income from digital products can be a little more challenging in this type of blog than it is with culinary blogs.

Adam (Adam) Adam Enfroy made $80,000 in a month from his software review site – there’s definitely money to be gained in the tech sector.

 Travel Websites

Another one of the money-making blog ideas is writing in the travel sector. People are always looking to travel, regardless of the season.



When you’ve traveled before, you’ve almost probably used the internet to assist plan your plans and ended up on a travel blog.

As humans, we value other people’s opinions and use reviews as social evidence to determine whether certain attractions are worthwhile.

If you enjoy traveling or are a frequent traveler, this could be a good theme for you to blog about.

However, while this is one of the most profitable blog themes, you should keep in mind that there may be lulls in travel from time to time, such as in 2020.

When it comes to travel blogging, the possibilities are unlimited. Perhaps you’d like to start a location-specific blog and write exclusively about your favorite city or even your native state. These have recently been shown to be more profitable than blogs with several destinations.


You might also concentrate on a specific continent or area, or a specific mode of travel, such as sustainable travel.

Advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and paid trip opportunities are all ways for travel bloggers to generate money.

 Blogs about health and fitness

One of the most profitable blog niches is health and fitness. People are constantly looking for new methods to keep in shape, especially as more people begin working from home.

When it comes to this specialty, you can choose from a variety of options, such as a certain sport, a specific sort of exercise, or simply documenting your personal health and fitness.

Another strategy you may take to help someone manage with stress and anxiety is wellness, such as yoga or meditation. For health and wellness, the possibilities are unlimited, and you’ll almost certainly never run out of blog article ideas.

Bloggers in this sector earn money from advertising and affiliate marketing, but they can also supplement their monthly revenue by selling a variety of digital items and services. When it comes to selling items or services, ebooks and private 1:1 coaching are just a few options.

Blogs about beauty and fashion are number six.
Beauty and fashion are two blog topics that will almost certainly always be profitable. Trends in these industries are constantly changing, and the public frequently looks on bloggers to keep them up to date on the latest styles.


Blogs about beauty and fashion

You can blog about fashion in a number of different ways. You may do things like write fashion reviews, talk about current trends, and show off different looks depending on the season.


Fashion bloggers, in particular, have grown in popularity on social media, particularly on Instagram. This can lead to a slew of sponsored post opportunities, allowing you to supplement your side hustle income.

While you should never establish a blog in just to receive free things, beauty bloggers are notorious for receiving a slew of free products to feature in their posts, especially as their following grows and they achieve legendary influencer status.


 Personal Finance Blogs

Whether you believe it or not, blogging about money is one of the most profitable blog subjects. Isn’t it ludicrous? However, several finance writers earn more than $100,000 each month, proving the point.

Money bloggers can focus on a variety of topics, including paying off student loan debt and living more frugally. Many money blogs concentrate on saving money as a family or saving money in order to achieve financial independence.

Everyone wants to know how to increase their earnings. Isn’t that why you’re reading this article? As a result, blogging about it can be extremely profitable, as well as beneficial to a large number of individuals.

The majority of financial bloggers make money from affiliate marketing and adverts. They can also make money by selling digital products such as ebooks or spreadsheets that will help their audience manage their debt and income.


Another popular approach for finance bloggers to generate money is by teaching others how to make money through side hustles, product purchasing and selling, and other methods. They can also provide consulting calls to help others, which can earn blogs even more money.

 Blogs about arts and crafts (DIY)

How many times have you used the internet to learn how to do a project at home? Isn’t that the case? That is why arts and crafts are one of the most lucrative blog themes.

Blogs about arts and crafts


You can easily establish a blog about your passion for crafts, whether it’s knitting, sewing, or something else. The beautiful thing about this subject is that DIY craft posts perform quite well on Pinterest, making it relatively straightforward to generate traffic.

Another important feature of this sector is the seemingly limitless supply of arts and crafts. Furthermore, you may quickly publish content according to the season, which could help you rank higher on Google.

Many people, including parents, instructors, art clubs, and others, benefit from arts and crafts blogs. That is why, when it comes to blog posts, it is one of the most sought niches on the internet.

Affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and adverts are all ways for bloggers in this sector to make money.

 Blogs about interior design

Interior design is another money-making blog topic, similar to arts and crafts. This could be a blog niche that you consider if you want to make some additional money, whether you’re an interior designer or it’s just a passion of yours.

People move frequently, and they frequently turn to the internet for advice on how to furnish their new houses.


If you’re interested in fixer-uppers, interior design blogs might be useful because you can document all of the projects in the property and share them with others.

Updating furnishings that you currently have in your home could be a more straightforward way to start an interior design blog. This is also a popular area on Pinterest and YouTube, which you could incorporate into your content marketing strategy to boost your monthly earnings.

Advertising and affiliate marketing revenue are the most common sources of income for interior design blogs. They may also provide services, such as visiting people’s homes and repairing various aspects of their homes, or digital items.

If you’re wondering what kinds of blogs make money, one of the most underappreciated is interior design.

Blogs on living a healthy lifestyle
One of the most profitable blog niches is the lifestyle theme. From arranging your life and striking a healthy balance between work and recreation to life in college, lifestyle can cover a wide range of topics.



A lifestyle blog is distinguished from other blogs by the fact that it usually concentrates on a certain age group. Perhaps the lifestyle site caters to college students or recent retirees, for example.

Because there will always be someone who fits the demographic you target, lifestyle blogs are tremendously profitable. However, it may seem odd to continue blogging about college five years after graduating, which is something to consider.

One of the advantages of lifestyle blogging is that your demographic can shift as you get older. Some bloggers do this, and they have a lot of success doing so.








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