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7 Symptoms Of Tinnitus You Should Not Ignore

Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears that seems to occur due to no reason. People with tinnitus may think the ringing in their ears is coming from becoming old or being over-exposed to loud noises, taking other medication, their ears being clogged with wax, or even that their dental fillings are picking up static! […]


A lemon, salt and pepper are all you need to solve these problems

Pepper, salt and lemon: a miracle cure! Pepper, salt and lemon may make a very tasty salad dressing, but can also be used for many other purposes. These three ingredients, combined or individually, can solve different ailments. Combination of lemon, pepper and salt Lemon juice is used in traditional medicine as a diaphoretic and diuretic, […]


This Is Why Putting an Onion in Your Sock Can Do Wonders

Try putting an onion in your sock! We mostly associate onions with crying our eyes out or cooking a nice meal, which is logical, since we tend to use onions in our food. But did you know you can use onions for other things as well? In fact, an onion can be very effective in […]