This is Why Your Emails Are Destroying Your Blog’s Growth

When it comes to building a Email list i hear every blogger saying it’s super important to have one. Yes it is, but what happens when someone actually signs up for one?

Writing emails is something i believe you need to do manually, believe me i’ve tried the auto send feed thing and yes it works but it’s too simple!

If you’re like me you know that putting your personality out there means a lot and people will get to know you through that. No one has time for boring emails anymore!

9 Reasons Why Your Emails Are Destroying Your Blog’s Growth9 Reasons Why Your Emails Are Destroying Your Blog's Growth

With that being said, if you’ve been building a following though email sign ups kudos!

You’ve started well, getting those visitors that read your blog posts to sign up is a great way to connect with them and eventually keep inviting them over and over again to read some more posts!

Which at the end leads to more traffic for you, woohoo!

Here is what i’ll be sharing with you when it comes to thing you might be doing (at least I know i did few of them!)

  • You Don’t group people base on the opt-in freebie the signed up for
  • You don’t offer the right freebie for your niche blog
  • You haven’t created a sequence of emails to build trust
  • You focus on selling than of being helpful
  • You send too many emails in a week
  • Your Email Subject line sucks
  • You don’t send frequent emails
  • You don’t ask them questions
  • You neither answer their Questions

Some of them are really not that big of a deal but we all know how leaving the little things… will end up turning into big things so we are gonna work on them as well!

You Don’t group people base on the opt-in freebie the signed up for!

Let me tell you a story, I have another niche blog and through that i came to know the ups and downs of blogging as well. One of the biggest mistakes i’ve done is to mixed grill my subscribers.

I would let them signup for this opt-in and due to me trying to figure out how to create groups in mailchimp would end up importing the people that signed up for A int B just to not have duplicates.

Big Mistake, because now that i’ve started using Mailerlite I see the reason why i need groups.

The reason is to know the interest and likes of anyone that signs up into your mailing list.

People might end up unsubscrbing when they find the content in your emails irrelevant to what they primarily signed up for.

How to fix that: Split your Mailing list into proper groups (that’s one of the features that i love with Mailerlite, it allows you to have a main Mailing list and multiple groups which eliminates the possibility of duplicate emails).

 You don’t offer the right freebie for your niche blog.

Yep, this might be killing your blog growth because without the right freebie you’ll be getting all short of people signing up who don’t really care specifically about what you have to offer..

Have you seen all those cool giveaways with totally random stuff?

Yeah i never won any of them either 😉

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But on a serious not, my friend, using the right freebie will captivate your reader, and your emails towards them won’t turn them off.

You haven’t created a sequence of emails to build trust!

Yes you got 10 people to sign up to your list, great work!

But what next…. yes?… still waiting for a answer..

Let’s get something here. You work hard on your blog content and so do i, You have to make sure that you’re keeping the engagement flowing even if you don’t sell something.

In my other niche blog i don’t really sell but i answer Questions and so on.

You can create a email sequence to welcome everyone that signs up, next send another one in few day to offer some tips the after couple of day just a email to check on them and ask them if you could help them with anything.

By the time you’re ready to offer them something you’ll be surprised at the response because you’ll build trust through your emails rather than driving those people away with lazy, spammy looking email.

You focus on selling than of being helpful

Very strong reason for someone to be turned of by your emails and not visit your blog again.

When something looks like it’s being forced on me i tend to go backwards than moving forward with that so likely to be happening to your readers.

What was the main reason you started blogging again? to be helpful maybe?

Alright then you totally need to change your way of working around with your emails. Your target should be to provide value rather than trying force something to your subscribers.

When you learn how to master that you will be surprised how many people will actually revisit your blog again and again (been happening to me, true story!).

You send too many emails in a week

believe it or not you should focus on sending emails that really matters. I ended up cutting short every automated email i had set up to be going out weekly because it was simply too automated.

One thing i’ve come to notice is that you need to let your readers remember you but sending too many emails in a week can be a bit too disturbing.

It can turn to backfire and you might end up getting complains towards your emails. No one want’s people to have the wrong impression about them or their blog!

9 Reasons Why Your Emails Are Destroying Your Blog's Growth

Your Email Subject line sucks

Have you hear heard of email open rates?

According to mailjet “Opened” rate is calculated by taking into account all the emails that are accepted and read by the recipient. Generally speaking, a good range of “Open” rate is between 15% and 25% for marketing emails, and between 30% to 40% for transactional emails.

Many of times your subject alone can make someone open or not your emails.

Why should this be a cause of your blog not growing?

Because you put so much effort and energy, you spend your time writing up a email rather than spending precious time with your family, going out for a walk or even eating at your favorite restaurant.

If your blog is not benefiting from your emails or i should say, if no one opens your email then you’re not getting them to read and eventually click one of your links.

Your blog need to grow in view and valuable readers.

You don’t send frequent emails

As i said earlier sending too many emails can have a negative impact to your blog grow due to negative experience people can have with too many emails.

But what happens when you don’t send a email for a week, then the next week comes and again you don’t send a email.

This is the problem any bloggers have that is killing their blog growth. Not sending enough emails.

You should at least send one emails per week to keep the flame there and help your readers stay up to date with your weekly content.

You don’t ask them questions

Questions can play a important role in every bloggers life.

When you know what people are struggling with and provide a valuable answer that actually helps them out then you my friend have discovered the secret power of questions.

We often run away from questions but i see them as source of inspiration and a way for you to grow your blog by answering each question and engaging your reader.

You neither answer their Questions

That brings me to my last point, not answering questions that is directly pointing towards you!

As we speak i have a ton of emails to reply to but it’s a joy to interact with your audience and see that you’re actually helping someone one.

When people with real needs find out about you they will stick around for the long run!

Thanks for reading, Share and Pin this post for another time!

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