Here Are Some Examples Of Blogs That Make Money That Actually Works


The ten most popular types of blogs are shown below. Each of these sorts of blogs has the potential to be profitable. So, perhaps, this list has sparked your interest in developing your own profitable blogging approach. Examples Of Blogs That Make Money That Actually Works

Here Are Some Examples Of Blogs That Make Money That Actually Works


Blog on Finance

Are you a seasoned money manager? Then a finance blog could be an excellent option for you.

Any web user can benefit from finance blogs since they provide concrete advice. Everyone, whether a college student, a young adult, or a parent, could improve their financial understanding.

Let’s take a peek at Get Rich Slowly, a popular finance blog.

Finance blogs gradually get wealthy.
Get Rich Slowly assists their users in paying off debt and growing their wealth. They also discuss other aspects of finance, such as investing and your financial mindset.

As previously stated, finance touches a wide range of individuals, hence there are an infinite number of finance subjects to address. In the long term, this implies you won’t be trapped thinking of fresh blog entries.

Furthermore, there are numerous finance blog niches to pick from. These are some of the blog niches:

Spending on the cheap
This is why one of the most profitable sorts of blogs is financial. It’s beneficial to everyone, and you can cover an infinite number of topics with it.

Fashion Blog

Have you ever fantasized about launching a clothing company of your own? Starting a fashion blog is a great way to get your name out there.

A fashion blog is an excellent method to showcase your personal style through photography, apparel, and cosmetics.

But hold on… How do fashion blogs earn money?

Yes, of course! A fashion blog can be monetized in a variety of ways. On Instagram, you may sell things, post affiliate links, and become an influencer.

We Wore What is one of the most prominent fashion blogs on the internet.

Danielle Bernstein launched the We Wore What fashion blog to document her outfits in New York City. She now makes and sells her own swimsuits and overalls. She also has over 2 million Instagram followers.

As a result, we recommend combining your fashion blog with Instagram. It’s a new method to show off your images to your followers. Check out our guide on utilizing Instagram as a blogger for more information.

You can write about the following fashion blog niches:

Fashion made by hand
Fashion at a reasonable price
Fashion critiques
Fashion for a specific occasion (ie. Weddings)
Fashion that is environmentally friendly
Check out our entire guide on how to create a fashion blog if you’re ready to get started.

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Blog about travel

Most people see the Eiffel Tower, Patagonia, or Cancun when they think about travel. But what about the logistics, such as budgeting and planning? Wouldn’t it be lovely if someone else took care of everything?

There is with a travel blog! Travel blogs are a fantastic resource for anyone planning a vacation of a lifetime. They show readers how to plan a trip, where to go, and how to spend money sensibly.

Travel blogs are a popular sort of money-making blog.
The Broke Backpacker’s owner, Will Hatton, helps his readers travel on a budget. We define a tight budget as less than ten dollars every day!

So, how do travel blogs generate revenue?

A popular technique to monetize a travel blog is through affiliate links. The Broke Backpacker, for example, promotes travel gear through affiliate connections.

Like Will, you may also market your own services. Along with his travel recommendations, he assists his readers in working while on the road.

You can create a travel blog even if you don’t go worldwide. Other travel blog topics you could write about include:

Visiting your own nation
Journeys by car
Traveling on a shoestring budget
How to travel and work simultaneously

A marketing blog is one of the most profitable sorts of blogs out there.

A marketing blog teaches readers how to create a business by teaching them how to learn and monetize online marketing abilities. Blogging, email marketing, eCommerce marketing, and SEO are all topics covered by many marketing blogs.

Blog Tyrant is a marketing blog for us! Bloggers and small businesses will find a wealth of marketing resources on our website.

WPBeginner is another example of a marketing blog.

WPBeginner is one of the most popular sorts of money-making blogs. A marketing blog, such as this one, is an example.
The most popular blog for all things WordPress is WPBeginner. They assist their readers in setting up and monetizing their WordPress blogs and online stores.

Anyone who wants to generate money online can benefit from marketing blogs. It’s also a fantastic method to establish yourself as an authoritative source.

That being said, there are a plethora of marketing tactics available. As a result, we recommend focusing on a single niche. This is the most effective technique to increase traffic and authority.

Take a look at They honed in on WordPress and are currently the most popular resource for the platform.

You can also write about the following marketing blog niches:

Marketing for small businesses
In order to market oneself as a [insert profession here], you must first market yourself as a [insert profession here].
News and trends in business
What is the best way to start an online business in [insert occupation here]?
Strategies for digital marketing (SEO, email marketing, website analytics)

Blog on health and fitness


Do you prefer to live a healthy lifestyle? Then you might be interested in starting a health and fitness blog.

A health and fitness blog is fantastic since it appeals to everyone. This blog topic has something for everyone, whether it’s nutrition, fitness, or mental wellness.

Take a look at Born Fitness, for example.

a blog about health and fitness
Born Fitness debunks nutrition and exercise fallacies and provides solutions to frequently asked topics. They also make money from their blog by offering health counseling.

An online course, affiliate links, and selling your own items can all help you make money with your health and fitness blog.

However, because health affects our daily lives, it’s important to establish trust with your readers. The last thing anyone wants is to be given incorrect information concerning a health issue.

To connect with your audience, provide instructive content such as videos, podcasts, and email newsletters.

Other health and fitness blog topics include:

Empowerment of the body
Healthy eating on a shoestring budget
Children’s nutrition and physical activity
Blog about working out in a certain niche (Yoga, running, weight lifting)

Mother’s Blog

A mom blog, often known as a parenting blog, is about raising your children and other family-related issues.

So, how did parent blogs gain traction?

For starters, there are a lot of parents out there who have similar concerns about raising children. As a result, it’s a fantastic method to share your own experiences and advice.

Second, these parents recognized that they could generate money while being at home with their children by blogging.

Mom blogs have grown in popularity to the point where there are now mom blogs that help other moms start their own!

As an example of a mom blog, we’ll look at Lucie’s List.

an example of a mother’s blog
Lucie’s List assists women in making the adjustment to parenting. They make money off of affiliate links for baby and children’s products on their blog.

Mom blogs, on the other hand, don’t just focus on how to raise children. There are a lot of blog themes you can write about parenting because there are so many different family dynamics in the world. Here are a few examples:

Working and raising a family
Taking children on a trip
Children who are educated at home
Parenting on a budget
Taking care of teenagers

Blog about food

Are you a connoisseur of delicacies? Then a food blog is perfect for you.

Food blogs are similar to recipe books in that they allow you to teach viewers how to prepare delectable dishes. You also get to snap some excellent shots.

A fantastic example of a food blog is A Sassy Spoon.

An example of a money-making food blog
The blog of A Sassy Spoon is organized by recipe, diet, time constraints, and meal. As a result, her website is simple to use for any reader.

So you’re probably wondering how much money a food blog brings in.

Jamie, the founder of Sassy Spoon, earned over $100,000 in 2019 with her culinary blog! All of this was made possible by advertisements, affiliate marketing, and business coaching. Later in the post, we’ll go through how to monetize your site in more detail.

You can also build the following types of food blogs:

Restaurant evaluations
Recipes created from scratch
Traveling and eating
Eating at a low cost
Drinks made at home
Check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to create a food blog for more information.

Write a Lifestyle Blog

So far, the money-making blogs have all been focused on a single theme. A lifestyle blog, on the other hand, is a little different.

Personal experience, culture, and relationships are just a few of the subjects covered by lifestyle bloggers.

Readers who wish to read something comparable to a magazine will be drawn to a lifestyle blog. Stories, advice columns, and product recommendations appeal to them.

An example of a money-making lifestyle blog
Advice From a Twenty-Something is a lifestyle blog aimed towards people in their twenties. They write about whatever a 20-year-old would be interested in learning about. A few examples are dating, fashion, and fitness.

Affiliate links are used to monetize this blog. Allowing other users to submit blog articles to their site also brings them traffic. This is also referred to as guest blogging.

A lifestyle blog might be a fantastic place to start if you have a lot of blogging ideas. As you blog, you’ll gain a better understanding of what you enjoy writing about and who your ideal reader is.

The following are some examples of lifestyle blog topics:

Relationships and dating
Learning a [insert pastime here].
You are not obligated to write about the blog niches listed above. A lifestyle blog has the advantage of allowing you to write about anything you desire!

Simply ensure that your blog’s material is of interest to others. Make your lifestyle blog relatable, in other words.

DIY Website

Do you have a creative streak? Why not start your own DIY blog?

“Do it yourself” is the abbreviation for “do it yourself.” So a DIY blog instructs readers on how to make crafts, apparel, and home design, among other things.

P.S. I Made This is one of the most well-known DIY blogs.

An example of a DIY blog
P.S. I Created This instructs their readers on how to make a variety of items. Clothing, beauty items, and home decor are just a few examples.

Many DIY blogs use social media to promote their products, such as Pinterest and Instagram. You could even broadcast videos of yourself making your crafts on YouTube!

You can also utilize the following DIY blog ideas:

Renovations to the house
Products for women’s beauty

Pet Blog

Let’s face it: we’re crazy about our dogs. We adore playing with, cuddling with, and writing about them!

Anyone looking for DIY pet treats, training tips, or activities should check out a pet blog.

So, if you have a lot of pets or know a lot about a particular breed, a pet blog might be right for you.

Pet blogs are an example of money-making blogs.
PuppyLeaks is a dog owner’s pet blog. Articles about puppy training, treats, and games can be found there.

So, how profitable are pet blogs?

Yes! Adding affiliate links to your favorite pet toys and pet care goods is the greatest method to monetise a pet blog.

It’s also simple to come up with a pet blog niche. If you own a Labrador Retriever, for example, you can start a blog dedicated to this dog breed.

However, if you’re stuck, you should always write about:

Your dog or cat’s breed
Adoption of pets
Animals on the farm
Animals from faraway places
What Are the Best Ways for Beginner Bloggers to Make Money?
You might be wondering how popular blogs get now that you know what types of blogs produce money. What are the best blogging tactics to use for success?

The top five methods shared by the most popular blogs are as follows.

1.High-Quality Content

Any profitable blog understands how to provide value to its readers. The following are three qualities of valuable material.

Dedicated to the reader
Write material that isn’t solely about your niche. Instead, you should create material that is relevant to your reader. What are they interested in learning more about? What will you do to assist them in taking action?

To see if your blog post themes are searched by your audience, use tools like keyword research. You should also use Google to seek for your blog topics to see what kind of blog articles have been written about them.

Simple to understand
Consider the last time you read something that sounded like this:

An example of a blog post that hasn’t been optimized.
Isn’t it true that it was tough to read?

Textbooks are far less user-friendly than blog articles. Large paragraphs and sophisticated jargon should be avoided. This may cause your reader to move on to another blog.

Instead, utilize short paragraphs, simple vocabulary, and graphics to enhance your material. For more information, see our article on how to create a good blog post.

Search engine friendly
Your blog entries may be full of useful information, but if they don’t rank well in search, no one will see them. If you want to make money from your blog, this is bad news. However, optimizing for search isn’t difficult.

You’ll need solid keywords, a speedy website, and optimized images to get started. Our beginner’s SEO tutorial will assist you in getting started.

2. A Differentiating Selling Proposition

According to Optinmonster, the number of bloggers is likely to reach 31.7 million this year. So, if you want to build a profitable blog, you must stand apart from the crowd.

This can be accomplished through the use of a one-of-a-kind selling proposal (USP). A unique selling proposition (USP) is anything that distinguishes your blog from others—why should someone read your blog instead of another’s?

The Broke Backpacker, a travel blog we described previously, is a fantastic illustration of a USP. Their unique selling point is that they teach readers how to travel on less than $10 per day.

Because most travel blogs don’t discuss traveling on a shoestring budget, The Broke Backpacker stands apart. They are also aimed at people who want to travel on a tight budget.

So, how can you come up with your own unique selling proposition?

Your blog’s topic should be narrowed down to something precise. Instead of building a fitness blog for people of various ages, you may focus on college students and create a daily workout blog. This issue is narrow, but it appeals to a big number of people.

In case you get stuck, we’ve come up with 89 blog niche ideas for you.

3.Adsense by Google

Google Adsense is the simplest approach to create a successful blog. When you sign up for Google Adsense, your blog will show adverts similar to the ones below:

Google AdSense in action. Google Adsense is a terrific way for new bloggers to make money because it charges the advertiser every time someone clicks on the ad. You’ll also receive 68 percent of the profit.

It’s also simple to register! All you have to do now is receive Google’s approval and paste the code into your blog.

So, if Google Adsense is so simple to use, why don’t all new bloggers promote their ads?

If you have a lot of adverts on your blog, you might scare away new visitors. This is not to say that you should avoid using Google Adsense. Instead, wait until you have a steady stream of visitors to your blog.

In our Google Adsense guide, we go through this in further detail.

4. Affiliate Promotion

Consider the last time you read a product-related blog post. Perhaps you purchased the item after clicking on the product link.

Affiliate marketing is the term for this. This method is used by the majority of money-making blogs. But how does it function?

When you join an online store’s affiliate program, you’ll promote and link to their products in your blog posts. You’ll get paid a commission if a reader clicks on that link and buys the product.

Affiliate marketing is wonderful since it can be done on any blog, especially if you choose one of the blog subjects we suggested before.

For additional information, see our comprehensive guide to getting started with affiliate marketing.

5. Store on the Internet

Do you have any items or services to sell? It’s never too late to establish an internet store!

The best aspect about having an internet store is that all of your sales are sent directly into your bank account. You also have the option of developing your own product.

You can also employ organic marketing tactics to advertise your products to your readers, such as building an email list or using social media.

Oh, and building an online store with WordPress is now easier than ever! All you have to do now is follow our step-by-step instructions on how to open an online business.


You now know ten different sorts of money-making blogs and how to get started with them. Experiment with these blog strategies to determine which ones work best for you.

And keep in mind that building a profitable blog isn’t something that happens immediately. However, if you put in the effort and perseverance, you will see benefits.


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