Here Are Some Free Blogging Sites To Earn Money You Should Know


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Many small businesses and internet entrepreneurs are looking for a cost-effective solution to get started blogging. The top five finest free blogging platforms are discussed in this post.

Free Blog Caution: Using a free blogging platform has a disadvantage. If you opt to migrate to a self-hosted blogging platform, you will have very limited control over your content and it may be difficult to extract or export it. It’s critical to choose which is more important: cost or flexibility.

A free blogging platform may be appropriate for you if you simply want a place to express your thoughts and have no commercial intentions. If you want to generate money online, though, you’ll need to invest in a paid blogging service.

Here Are Some Free Blogging Sites To Earn Money You Should Know


Another important factor to consider is whether you want to establish a blog to generate money online. Many free blogging platforms limit or aren’t flexible enough to handle all of the tools you’ll need to market and sell online if you want to start a business blog.

There are numerous blogging platforms available. Some are free, while others need a nominal monthly cost. Others start out free and then charge for premium features.

WordPress is one of the best free blogging platforms available.
WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging platform, is available in both free and paid versions. Discover the distinction between and

While WordPress is free on both sites, if you download from, you’ll need to pay for web hosting. Open an account at to get the free version., like (see below), offers a large number of free templates as well as the flexibility to modify your site/blog.

Advantages of the Platform:

Use of a custom domain is possible (although this does incur an annual fee)
You are responsible for all maintenance: Security, upgrades, spam filters, and backups are all important.
A massive collection of free blogging themes
Because WordPress is a platform that many bloggers are familiar with, there are numerous tutorials available.
How to Begin Using

Create an account with for free. Your domain name will require some consideration. If you utilize the free version, your site’s URL will be something like this: Your domain name is a crucial component of your brand, and you should give it careful consideration.

You’ll want to start pushing traffic to your blog once it’s up and running. Here are five techniques to get a lot of people to visit your new blog.

If you want to make money with your blog, you’ll want to go with the self-hosted solution. This means you’ll get a beginning hosting package from a company like Hostgator for under $10.00 per month and install WordPress on your own server.
Note: Another significant benefit of using a self-hosted version of WordPress is that you control the asset, allowing you to collect email addresses or place premium advertising network display ads on your site when your site grows in popularity.

 Blogger Blogger has a number of advantages.

Setup is simple.
There are numerous free templates and designs available.
There’s no need to learn or utilize custom code.
How can I begin using Blogger?

Go to and create a free account. If you already have a Google account (e.g., Gmail, YouTube, etc. ), it’s better to link them together.

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After you’ve created your free account, you can start customizing your blog straight away. You should be able to publish your first post within a few hours.

Blogger is great for informational blogs and people who seek a way to communicate with friends and family. This platform’s e-commerce capabilities are limited, making it unsuitable for any type of company activity.

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Tumblr blogging is definitely one of the simplest ways to get started blogging. You may start blogging right away because the possibilities are restricted. The network is a hybrid of Twitter and WordPress due to the way it is set up. You can blog simply a sentence or an entire dissertation on this microblogging network, which is considered a microblogging platform. Many Tumblr sites are devoted to reblogging (sharing) images with a special topic.

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Benefits of Blogging:

Directly from your mobile device, PC, or email, use a custom domain Blog.
Take use of their network’s shared traffic, exposing your material to their massive audience. How to Get Started

Go to and create a free account. To begin your blog, click “Sign-Up.” It’s essential to spend some time understanding how to use the site. It’s part blogging platform, part social media network, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before.

If you do decide to utilize Tumblr for your blog, I still recommend keeping your primary company pages, products, and other information on a different website. Essentially, you’ll have your own website to manage the business end of your online presence, and you’ll utilize the Tumblr blog to drive people to it.

Wix is primarily known as a website builder, and it offers monthly subscriptions to premium services. It also provides a free blogging platform powered by Wix advertisements.

Wix allows you to customize the look and feel of your blog by selecting from a variety of blog themes. How to Get Started

Click on “build your own blog” at Then you establish an account using your email address or a Facebook or Google account. After that, you’ll be led to a website where you’ll be asked a few questions about your goals.
In a simple interface, you may choose from a variety of personalization options. Finally, the Wix platform will attempt to persuade you to upgrade. Upgrades include the ability to link your own domain name and the removal of advertisements. However, you are not required to do so in order to launch your website.

See also: How to Get Free Search Engine Traffic to Your Blog is a relatively new blogging platform with a rapidly rising following and popularity.

Medium is a basic platform that focuses on the quality of the material and opinions expressed.

How to Begin Using

Simply go to and sign up or sign in. You can use your existing social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google, to create an account.

When you sign up using your current Facebook or Twitter account, Medium will immediately transfer your followers into your Medium network.

Similar to Tumblr, I wouldn’t recommend utilizing Medium as your major online business, but I would encourage using it as a traffic source by writing to reach new audiences who might otherwise be unaware of you — and driving them back to your website.

Additional Free Blogging Platforms

While this post focused on the most popular and new blogging platforms, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other options to consider. Because there is little distinction between a “normal website” and a blog these days, you may find that you don’t require a separate blog vs website solution.

You might also consider the following options:
If your goal is to make money online, these are all more commercially friendly solutions.

Free Blogging Platform Alternatives
When it comes to blogging, I recommend getting your own premium hosting account (such as Bluehost) and installing WordPress on it. This provides you with complete control over the content and business intent of your website.







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