How to Create a Good Blog That Will Explosively Grow!

Is there an answer to how to create a good blog? It’s always the big questions once you decide to start your own blog. I must agree that you’re right, we all need to ask ourselves that question.

I’m happy I did!

The answer? Let’s find out together.

How to Create a Good Blog That Will Explosively Grow!

how to create a good blog that will Explosively Grow


If you’re new to blogging or you’re thinking of starting your own blog, asking yourself the question of how to create a good blog should be one of the first questions you ask yourself.

Before I break down each point let me share with you what I will be talking with you about:

  • Your Beginning matters, Choose the right niche!
  • Preparation matters, work on your branding
  • Hosting matters as well!
  • Aim for success by planning things out
  • Keyword research is vital
  • deciding on how to monetize your blog
  • Work your way out on how to get traffic before Google kicks in
  • Writing with a goal to help someone

Great, now that you how to create a good blog just from this simple bullet points you can use your imagination to go for it or keep reading let me help you dive deeper into each point!


Your Beginning matters, Choose the right niche!

I can’t stress this enough!

Starting off the right way matters so much like OMG, don’t get it wrong like I did!

As I mentioned in my 14 Magical Things i Did that Exploded my Blog to the Heavens post, you must find your niche aka your passion.

What are you going to blog about? Is it about your hobby?

Then go for it!

If you want to learn how to create a good blog you need to first start with building yourself up as the person behind the blog.

Final Take: Find a specific niche that interest you and choose that, one niche to focus your entire blog posts around.

Love this post on finding your niche quick and easy!

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Preparation matters, work on your branding

This was one of the things I must admit I didn’t have when I started blogging.

See how knowledge is power?

In everything in life how you prepare towards something matters a lot!

So why not do the same thing with your blog idea?

If you really want to learn how to create a good blog start from the very basics once you decide on your niche (which is the first step I mentioned above) next you want to:

Pick a good name for your blog that fits with your niche. If it can have a very targeted and strong keyword then sure add it.

So what are the main things when it comes to branding?

I believe you should have sorted this one out before you move to the next step:

  • Blog Name
  • Create or hire someone create an awesome Logo for you
  • Decide on the colors of your branding. Main and secondary colors and don’t forget to keep a stable font choice across your creatives.
  • Your style of writing could be labeled under your branding as well. Keep a unique yet simple writing style and use that for most of your content.

For more branding tips this post have excellent advice

Hosting matters as well!

Yes once you have all that jazz sorted out then you want to proceed by getting the right host.

In this post, I shared a good hosting option and gave a special link just for my readers to get a better price for the hosting plan for a basic blog.

3 Awesome Things You Should Be Blogging About

Aim for success by planning things out!

I know… I’m still working on it but It plays so important role and I had to learn it the hard way!

Plan, plan and .. did I mention.. plan ahead of time?

Okay, b here and it doesn’t seem as easy as it’s read.

Here is what you can do:

Take a piece of paper (I almost wrote “cake” .. yep!) and write down 4 post ideas, next you should proceed to the step below.

By that way, you’ve already prepared a draft of a one month’s worth posts.

How awesome is that?!

That way you know exactly what you’re going to be writing about.

Keyword research is vital!

Unless you aren’t interested in getting the right people come across your blog, keyword research is so important.


It will help you better target higher Google Adsense ads into your posts and with time Google will rank your blog for this keywords depending on the level of difficulty.

Know that it’s totally okay to not get anyone through Google search even when you have all your keyword planned out.

Because when you freshly start a blog it will need time to get trusted by Google and other search engines.

This tools can help you do a good keyword research without emptying our pocket.

I strongly recommend you check them out here.

deciding on how to monetize your blog

If you want to have a blog that converts you need to think about how you would want to monetize your blog.

There are so many ways to go about with monetization but these are the ones I know works best for me and are excellent for every blogger that is starting off:

  • Google ads on your blog
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating your own product

If you want to learn more about how to monetize your blog check this post later for extra tips!

Work your way out on how to get traffic before Google kicks in

Yep, this is a big one.

When I started Google wasn’t bringing even a mosquito to my blog.

This almost made me give up altogether.

I mean if you want to learn how to create a good blog you spend precious time writing content you know someone needs to read and no one to read it.

I strongly recommend you check out my post on how to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog in which I share some basic things to do, tips and tricks that can help you start getting the right people towards your posts.

12 Reasons No One Reads you Blog

Writing with a goal to help someone.

Many don’t have this in mind but when you are writing you want to have your readers in mind. You want them to get the most out of your blog and come back for more.

How to do that?

Provide value from day 1.

Help by answering simple questions that people in that specific niche you’re in may have.

What are topics that people are talking about in Facebook groups related to your niche? Qhat about Quora and forums?

Create content that will make someone smile and remember you! Click To Tweet

That’s the right way to go about it rather than creating content just to make a living from it.

If you help others, in the long run, they will help you back!


Before you start to visualize how to create a good blog by going through my suggested list above.

It’s so important to start with the right mind else you won’t have the right motive to keep you going.

Blogging can be fun and yet can seem like too much work all at the same time so if I could give you one last tip it would be to blog about what you’re passionate about.

You will sail much easier this way!

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