How to Get Free Solar Panels

Who wouldn’t like a few free solar panels? Actually, quite a few people. Anyone who has limited space and wants to optimize energy conversion, people who want a matching system that looks perfect and people who aren’t willing or able to fix hardware issues.

For anyone else, there are actually several great ways to find and procure free solar panels for your house, mobile home or energy project. All you need is some spare time, a positive personality and a willingness to do a little fix-it work. Once you’ve scored these most expensive components of a solar PV system you’ll have taken one giant step closer to generating your own power.

Look up solar cell manufacturers online

Look up solar cell manufacturers online, then call them up and ask if they have any defective panels. If when testing, the manufacturer discovers a panel doesn’t perform up to spec, it will not be sold. In many cases, these panels are recycled but sometimes they are given away or discounted at a steep rate with no warranty. Though these panels won’t perform as well as their perfectly-produced counterparts, they will still produce electricity.