Super Easy Ways On How To Make A Lot Of Money Blogging


There are a lot of guides out there about how to make money blogging, but here’s what sets this one apart: how to make a lot of money blogging

I’ve grown three blogs to over $1 million in annual revenue. In fact, the blog you’re reading now has produced $6.7 million in revenue.

And in this piece, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step case study of how I did it from scratch, as well as my step-by-step guidance for novices.

Let’s get started.

(With Examples!) 7 Ways to Make Money Blogging
Workshops and Online Courses
Books and electronic books
Advertising Speaking Engagements Consulting/Coaching Selling Freelance Services Affiliate Marketing
In a minute, I’ll show you a fundamental foundation for starting a profitable blog from the ground up.

But first, let’s get into the mechanics of how to make actual money blogging, complete with real-world examples to study and learn from.

Super Easy Ways On How To Make A Lot Of Money Blogging


1. Online Workshops and Courses

We make the majority of our money — over $1 million per year — from online courses and seminars here at Smart Blogger, but we are far from the only successful site doing so. The majority of people who make a lot of money from their blogs do so by selling online courses.

Ramit Sethi’s premium courses reportedly brought in more than $10 million in annual revenue:

Premium Courses by Ramit Sethi

It’s not just business or wealth-related issues that are popular. You may find successful blogs monetizing with online courses on almost any topic or niche. For example, popular interior designer Maria Killam offers a variety of courses and workshops:

Maria Killam – Workshops and Courses

Online courses and workshops can generate one-time purchases or recurring revenue via subscriptions, depending on your business model.

2. Print and electronic books

A few of authors have turned their blogging fame into a significant publication contract. In 2015, Mark Manson, for example, wrote a blog article titled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. After millions of readers, he landed a book deal with Harper Collins, selling over 3,000,000 copies in the United States alone.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

Self-published books have also proven to be profitable. Choose Yourself, by James Altucher, is possibly the most well-known success story among bloggers, having sold over 500,000 copies:

Choose Yourself by James Altucher

3. Affiliate Promotion

Affiliate marketing – suggesting other organizations’ services, digital items, and physical products in exchange for a commission — is one of the finest ways to generate passive revenue from your blog.

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We make over $100,000 each year promoting affiliate products at Smart Blogger, the majority of which comes from casually recommending brands we like like SiteGround (affiliate link) and Elementor (affiliate link).

Note from the Editor: Read our comprehensive SiteGround review here: In 2022, is SiteGround still the best (or not so good)? Also, read this for an in-depth look at Elementor: Is Elementor Actually the Best Landing Page Builder?
However, there are numerous such cases. Last year, John Lee Dumas of EOFire earned $710,835 in affiliate revenue. As an Amazon Associate, Digital Photographic School is said to have earned over $500,000 in commissions by marketing photography equipment:

Amazon Affiliates – Digital Photography School

The amount of diverse affiliate marketing options is tremendous, with so many organizations offering referral programs to help spread the word about their digital product or service.

Using an affiliate network like CJ Affiliate, ClickBank, eBay Partner Network, or ShareASale to tap into this revenue stream and start earning extra money from your hard-earned organic traffic is one way to get started.

Bonus: Get our “cheat sheet” for affiliate marketers emailed straight to your inbox by clicking here (for free).

4. Promotion

We’re not usually great fans of selling adverts on your site as a way to make money. For the big ad networks to take you seriously, you need about a million visitors per year, and affiliate marketing is nearly always more profitable and passive.

However, other categories, such as food, fashion, and news, are difficult to monetise using many of the other ways discussed above, despite the fact that they receive a lot of page views. In that situation, including a few banner adverts on your site could be a good way to augment your income.

For example, here’s a screenshot from Share the Yummy’s 2016 income report:

Spread the word about Yummy – Income Report.

Joining an ad network is usually how you make money. Anyone can join Google AdSense and add a couple of Google Ads, for example, and then progress to more specialized networks like Mediavine and AdThrive.

5. Public Speaking Engagements

If your blog takes off and you become known as an expert in your field, you might be amazed at how many offers to speak at conferences you receive. It’s also extremely profitable. I normally earn a minimum of $10,000 every speech, with the possibility of earning up to $100,000 if product sales are included.



6. Coaching/consulting

While it isn’t for everyone, providing some coaching or consulting online can earn you a surprisingly comfortable livelihood, especially if your audience is small. I don’t do consulting very often anymore, but when I did, I charged $1,000 per hour and had a six-month waiting list.

But I’m not alone in this. Returning to Maria, she’s been pretty inventive in devising ways to do design consultations by photo and email, and she currently charges $1,275 per room:

Consultations with Maria Killam

This technique can be used to practically any niche. All you need to do is know what you’re doing and believe in the value you’re offering clients.

7. Freelance Services Sales

After consulting, the next step is to actually accomplish it for them.

Freelancing makes you more money than anything else, but it’s also the most taxing and time-consuming. That said, I’ve seen bloggers earn six figures from their blogs with only a few thousand visitors, effectively leveraging their blogs as a lead generation tool.

Even successful bloggers continue to do it because it’s so profitable. Elna Cain, for example, continues to market her freelance writing services:






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