How To Use Pinterest For Business Like A Super-boss!

How To Use Pinterest For Business Like A Super-boss!

Today we are learning all about how to use pinterest for business! I love using pinterest for business (okay and my personal stuff) because it is a great platform with a ton of inspiration and engagement!

How To Use Pinterest For Business Like A Super-boss!

How To Use Pinterest For Business Like A Super-boss!
How To Use Pinterest For Business Like A Super-boss!

From what it looks like Pinterest is a little different from the other social networks so before I talk about how to use Pinterest for business, here’s a quick guide of some helpful Pinterest terminology you need to know about.

What are Pinterest Pins

A Pinterest Pin is any image or video that someone chooses to save to Pinterest.

Let’s talk for businesses, know that more important than the image itself is the link.

Every one of your pin links back to the original source, so that way Pinterest can be a awesome source of referral traffic.

Boards! What do you put in them?

People using Pinterest (also called “Pinners”) save a lot of stuff, so in order to keep things organized, you have to sort pins into collections called boards.

Pinners can follow your entire account or just a specific board that interest them the most. Then, once you pin, they will see it in their feed!

Feed… How does it work

A Pinterest feed is just like a feed on any other social network—it’s a collection of links and content from boards and users that the Pinner has followed.

How to set up a Pinterest account for your business

If you plan to use Pinterest to market your online or offline business, you should create a Pinterest business account, rather than a personal account. Why? Business accounts offer business-specific features like analytics and the ability to use Pinterest advertising.

If you already have a personal Pinterest account, don’t worry, you can convert it to a business account. You’ll just need to fill in some additional information about your business and accept the business-specific terms of service. Pretty simple, huh?!

If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, here’s how to create one for your business.

Step 1: Create your Pinterest for a business account

  1. Go to the Pinterest for business page and click Join as a business.
  2. Simply fill in your email address, password, business name, and website, and choose which category your business falls into a professional, public figure, media, brand, retailer, online marketplace, local business, institution/non-profit, or other.
  3. Be sure to read and review the terms of service and privacy policy. Then click Create account.

Step 2: Complete your profile

You’ve now got the bare bones of a Pinterest account, but you need to fill in your profile details to make your brand appealing and credible.

  1. Log into your new Pinterest account, hover over the profile icon on the top right and click Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Profile section to upload a profile photo (optimal size: 165 x 165 pixels), complete the About you section, and add your business location. Then, click Save settings.

Give as much information as you can. 

Choose an image that best represents your brand, Like your Brand logo. Make sure to add your website so users can visit you through it. A location helps if you’re a brick-and-mortar business.

Pro tip: Always try to use keywords in your “about me.”

Step 3: Confirm your website

Confirming your website allows you to see what people Pin from your website, and adds your logo to any Pins made from your site. Confirming your website will also boost your Pins’ rankings in search results.

  1. From Pinterest settings, scroll down to the Profile section and click Confirm website.
  2. Copy and paste the provided text into the HTML of your website’s index page.
  3. Click Finish.
  4. To check whether your website is confirmed, try Pinning a link from your site. You should see your logo or profile picture below the Pin.

Step 4: Create boards

Great, next you need to start sharing and organizing content so that Pinners will have a reason to follow either your entire account or one or more of your boards.

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  1. From your Pinterest profile, click the Boards tab, then click the red plus sign to create a new board.
  2. Enter a descriptive name for your board. Use compelling but clear language to convey what you’ll Pin to the board, and keep the name to a maximum of 20 characters so it doesn’t get cut off. Keep keywords in mind.
  3. Return to the boards tab and click on the name of your new board, then click the pencil icon to enter more details.
  4. Enter a clear description of what you’ll save to your board, and choose an appropriate category. If you want to start saving Pins to your board but you’re not ready for people to see it yet, you can choose to make the board secret until it’s ready to go.

Step 5: Start Pinning

Now that you have your boards set up, it’s time to add some Pins.

The easiest way to save to Pinterest quickly is to install the Pinterest browser button (I use it on Chrome), which allows you to Pin anything from the web with just a couple of clicks.

  1. Install the appropriate Pinterest browser button for your preferred browser.
  2. To Pin something from the Web, click the Pinterest icon on your browser toolbar.
  3. Select your favorite image from the available options and click Save.
  4. Add or edit a description.
  5. Select which board to save your Pin to.

Once you have added several Pins to your board, you can choose the most visually compelling to be the cover Pin.

  1. From the board’s tab, hover over your board and click the pencil icon on the bottom right.
  2. Scroll down to Cover and click Change, then scroll through to choose your cover Pin.

That’s it, You’ve successfully created your Pinterest for a business account!

Besides pinning and making boards on behalf of your brand, you also have access to:

  • Analytics of your organic and promoted Pins
  • The ability to create video posts, protected boards, and Pincode features
  • Access to Pinterest Ads
  • A flexible profile cover, where you can show your latest Pins or only Pins from a specific board
  • Customizable profile tabs

Your profile will also show how many monthly viewers you have, and your total followers. This information is viewable by everyone!

How To Use Pinterest For Business Like A Super-boss!
How To Use Pinterest For Business Like A Super-boss!

There you have it, How To Use Pinterest For Business Like A Super-boss!

Do you use a business or personal Pinterest account?

What to read next? 

Xo, Sisi

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