3 Pomegranate anti aging Beauty Recipes For A Smooth Skin 

Pomegranates are one of every family’s favorite fruits to devour, but did you know they also contain powerful topical skin benefits? Not only are the seeds chock-full of vitamin C but pomegranate peel also has mega antioxidant power to stimulate and repair collagen.

3 Pomegranate anti aging Beauty Recipes For A Smooth Skin

3 Pomegranate anti aging Beauty Recipes For A Smooth Skin 
3 Pomegranate anti aging Beauty Recipes For A Smooth Skin


The next time you come across this vibrant fruit, be sure not to discard of any part of it. It can be a lot of work to get to those flavorful seeds, making you wonder if it’s worth it. Trust me, it is!

Pomegranate has antioxidant activity levels three times stronger than green tea or red wine (source). That’s a lot of anti-aging power working to fight wrinkles and dark spots.

What’s even sweeter is getting to use every part of the fruit. We love pomegranate in cocktails and smoothies, but what about on your face? Here are 4 beauty recipes using all the various pomegranate components so your labor is never in vain.

1. Pomegranate Clay Mask

The nutrients of pomegranates are unparalleled and the juice from them can be a wonderful addition to your clay mask. This mask is perfect for a bright, clear complexion without drying your skin out.

Mix together the clay and pomegranate juice and apply with fingers all over your face and neck. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and wash off with warm water.

2. Pomegranate Repair Mask for Aging Skin

Premature fine lines are often caused by sun exposure, and pomegranates can help protect collagen, slowing this process down. For aging, mature or sun damaged skin, this mask gives both a powerful boost and is hydrating at the same time.

  • 2 tablespoon organic plain yogurt
  • 1 t honey
  • 1 t pomegranate juice

Mix the ingredients well and apply with either facial brush or fingertips to face and neck. Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes for maximum benefits and then rinse well with warm water.

3. Acne Fighting Pomegranate Peel Scrub

Did you know the pomegranate peel has acne healing properties? Once the seeds have been removed, and the peels are cut into small pieces, place them in a dehydrator or roast on low heat of 145 degrees on parchment lined baking pans. Roast until they are dry and then remove to cool. Place the peels in a blender or grinder and mix well until you have a powder.

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