Put A Dishwasher Tablet In Your Shower At Night, Here’s Why

Soap and lime residues in the bathroom

Have you ever tried cleaning your shower? We hope you can answer this question with “yes”. If so, you also know how difficult it can sometimes be to remove all soap and limescale residu in the shower, whether you have a glass shower door or a shower curtain. Are you about to purchase a new shower curtain? Then wait a little longer, because this handy tip might save you from having to do this.

Clean the shower with a dishwasher tablet

We’ve learned a simple trick to get that pesky dirt off our shower curtains and shower doors. This tip comes from a mom in Australia who has combined two common products to develop her own great cleaning method. All you need is a white wonder sponge (Magic Eraser) and a dishwasher tablet. Measure the size of the tablet and hollow out a part of the sponge so that the tablet fits exactly in the sponge. Moisten the modified cleaning sponge and rub it over the glass shower enclosure or shower curtain. Rinse with warm water and, voilà… you have a radiant bathroom!

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