Common Skincare Mistakes That Could Be Worsening Your Skin

When it comes to skincare, there is no end to the amount of information we are exposed to and absorb on a daily basis. We’ve all made room in our cosmetics cabinets for acids, vitamins, and other ingredients, but are we applying them correctly? All skincare products are beneficial, but only when used correctly. Furthermore, there are a few daily routines that spring from ignorance and can undermine all else you accomplish. Overall, here’s a rundown of all the skincare blunders you should avoid. Skincare Mistakes That Could Be Worsening Your Skin.

Common Skincare Mistakes That Could Be Worsening Your Skin


Not Cleaning Your Skin Properly

You are correct; cleansing is critical to maintaining the health of your skin. But what is the proper method of cleansing? Most of the time, you either rub the cleanser on your skin twice or keep going until it’s completely clean. In either case, you’re doing it incorrectly. Using only lukewarm to cold water, cleanse your face for around 20 seconds before washing it off (steer clear of hot water). Furthermore, picking the appropriate cleanser is critical.

Taking Your Eyes Off The Area Below Your Jawline

Commercials and celebrity endorsements have taught us that skincare is only for the face, but in reality, you need pay attention to your neck as well. Because indications of ageing might show up on your neck and decolletage, beauty gurus have been instilling the idea of sliding all of your skincare below the jawline.


Skincare Products Are Layered In The Wrong Order

Let’s face it: with so many toners, serums, moisturizers, oils, essences, and more to choose from, it can be a little daunting and hard to figure out what’s best. However, inappropriate product layering may yield no benefits at all. To get the most out of the products, layer them in the order listed above, starting with the thinnest and working your way up to the thickest.

Creating Your Own SPF Guidelines

Please don’t make your own SPF rules! Your preconceptions about not applying SPF indoors or throughout the winter are simply that: assumptions. When you’re out in the blazing sun, you’re not simply supposed to put on sunscreen. No matter if you’re in or out of the house, it’s critical to apply the proper amount of SPF every morning, 365 days a year.


Oily Skin Doesn’t Get Enough Moisture

One of the most common fallacies is that oily skin does not require moisturization, however this is not the case. Although oily skin has a greasy layer on the epidermis, it requires moisturizers just like any other skin type. If you don’t use a moisturizer on your oily skin, it may create extra sebum to make up for the lack of hydration.

Not Changing Your Bed Linen & Makeup Brushes on a Regular Basis

These are tiny habits that can lead to major issues. Throughout the night, your skin is exposed and clings to the pillowcase as the brush brushes every inch of your face. As a result, various germs and bacteria can live on your pillowcase and makeup brushes, causing and aggravating acne. Similarly, you should maintain your phone screens clean.





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