Top 10 Secret Celebrity Weightloss Diets

Kelly Osbourne. We remember the days when Kelly was a rebel, painted her hair in a various shades and preferred too short and tight dresses. Several years have passed, and fans gasped! Kelly Osbourne lost 23 kg!

Tune to change the star does not help neither diet no an exercise, but participation in the show “Dancing with the Stars.” When organizers invite her to the TV show, they have set an ultimatum: either Osborne lose weight (10 kg), or they will keep looking someone to replace her.

After six months of training with a personal trainer, giving up alcohol and fast food in favor of useful and easy meal, Kelly got rid of the 20 kilograms! Her fans, who threw star with issues, Kelly gave some tips: choose a useful and fresh food, share the amount of food for 4-5 receptions, exclude baking, sugar and alcohol from the diet, and allow yourself snacking when very hungry with fruits and vegetables.