Top 10 Secret Celebrity Weightloss Diets

Jessica Simpson. Jessica – an example of someone who has a normal attitude to criticism in their address.

After the birth of baby Maxwell celebrity mom gained more than 30 kilograms and could not lose weight and was really worried because of that. When the stars began to receive comments about too curvy figure, Simpson decided to take the will in a fist.

The result is obvious! During the six months – minus 30 kilograms! Fans of the star were shocked when Jessica shared her photos in a bathing suit in “Instagrame.”

The secret of the star – four-time training in the gym with trainer Harley Pasternak star and the famous diet “Weight Watchers”, which is based on a meal plan where each product is assigned a certain number of points, depending on the calorie content and nutritional value. Each weight group have own points for day.

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