7 Strategic Ways On How To Start A Blog

There are numerous approaches to bring in cash by beginning your own blog; you can sell items and product on the web or spot advertisements and get remuneration from brands by advancing their items and administrations  here some 7 Strategic Ways On How To Start A Blog

Hi there! Good to have you! if are new to my blog my name is Silvy, Ghanaian by nationality I Started this blog as a way of documenting my journey as a blogger. Just like you i had and still have so many questions about blogging but my aim is to answer them all! In this blog you will find tips & tricks to help you become a better blogger and get noticed!

If you don't have a blog or you are thinking on starting one i strongly advice you to start your dream blog right now! I also had this blog as an idea and i'm glad i finally did it! If i did it, so can you!

With that out of the way, let's continue!

7 Strategic Ways On How To Start A Blog

 7 Strategic Ways On How To Start A Blog

7 Strategic Ways On How To Start A Blog

Step #1: Select an ideal specialty for your blog

Before you figure out how to begin a fruitful blog, you should initially discover your specialty, make sense of how to make it beneficial, and make sense of who your optimal perusers are. So, a specialty is a subject that you expound on regularly, or even only, in your online journals. Specialty blogging is making a blog to promote to a specific market. Specialty online journals are anything but difficult to adapt and they ordinarily contain subsidiary connections, promotions, and so on., and that is for the most part how they become productive.

Step by step instructions to pick a specialty for your blog

To turn into an effective blogger, you should pick the correct specialty and work on achieving the most elevated type of information inside that theme. So pick the one that interests to you—the one you are energetic about and generally inspired by. Take a stab at progress, bliss, and acknowledgment. By picking the specialty of intrigue and having your own perspective, you’ll have the option to separate your own blog thoughts from the opposition.

Step #2: Choose a blogging stage

At this stage, you’ll have to take a gander at the best blog locales out there and decide the kind of blog the executives device you need to utilize. I suggest that you make your own blog utilizing a self-facilitated arrangement that I appear in this guide. Be that as it may, before you ask yourself, how would I start a blog, let me depict every alternative. With regards to famous blogging stages, you have the accompanying alternatives: free and self-facilitated (suggested).

Free stages

Blogging insights for top administration stages in the United States

WordPress 96.19% Blog use in U.S.

Blogger 3.29%

MovableType 0.18%

Ghost 0.17%

Tumblr 0.03%

Blog Engine 0.01%

Pagekit 0%

Svbtle 0%

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Posthaven 0%

Grapple CMS 0%

Source: builtwith.com

For some new bloggers, the accessibility of free blog stages, for example, WordPress.com, Blogger, or Tumblr is enticing.

By keeping your blog on a free stage, you let the stage own your name. You’ll be dependent upon their guidelines and limitations. On the off chance that you are hoping to figure out how to bring in cash with a blog, they may restrain or restrict promotions on your blog, or they may even place their own advertisements. In case you’re not kidding about blogging, you’ll need to move away from free blog destinations.

Self-facilitated stages

Self-facilitated stages permit you to run a blog utilizing your own area. Beside following your space enlistment center and web facilitating organization’s guidelines, you’re completely accountable for your blog and its substance.

You have a few options with regards to self-facilitated frameworks (likewise called a Content Management System or CMS). The most mainstream is WordPress.org. This alternative is called self-facilitated in light of the fact that you will utilize your own web facilitating space and name. On the off chance that you utilize our suggested facilitating organization, it will cost only a couple of bucks for each month for the webspace (facilitating record), and you will get a FREE name (space) for the principal year. The real CMS is typically open-source and free.

Despite the fact that I referenced some free facilitating alternatives, the best strategy is to claim your blog, particularly on the off chance that you will utilize your own copyrighted material (articles, drawings, photographs, and so forth.). Pay a limited quantity of cash each month, about equivalent to a Starbucks espresso, and you will assemble your own value. On the off chance that you intend to sell items, administrations, music, or whatever else by means of your blog, at that point this is the most ideal approach. Many facilitating suppliers can assist you with keeping up an online business blog.

wordpress is a ruler

Truly outstanding and most notable self-facilitated content administration frameworks (CMS) is WordPress.org, driving 25.4% of all sites on the planet and answerable for over 76.5 million locales. It is suggested by 99% of the blogging specialists I’ve overviewed.


To make a WordPress blog, you have to choose two significant things: an area name and a web facilitating supplier. On the off chance that you are another blogger, you should take a stab at utilizing Bluehost, an organization that controls more than 2 million sites around the world

Step #3: Pick an area name

Your area name will be the name by which you will be known on the web, regardless of what specialty you pick. It’s your one of a kind location on the Internet. Your area will be yours as long as you keep paying the yearly expense ($10 to $15 for a .com space). Clients who know your area/URL (uniform asset locator) can basically type it into their program’s location bar. Others will have the option to find you through web indexes, for example, Google and Bing, so you certainly need to locate an interesting moniker.

Your space name might be the exceptionally famous “website,” or it might be nation or specialty explicit. The general guideline is to go for a “website” area, yet a portion of different augmentations can work. For instance, “spot net” or “speck me.”

In the event that you can’t discover the area name you like, Bluehost will let you pick a Free Domain later. That will give you an opportunity to do some examination and thinking.

Step #4: Get a web facilitating account

Subsequent to picking an area name, choosing dependable facilitating administrations will be one of the most significant choices you make. All things considered, the usefulness and execution of your webpage will rely upon your blog facilitating. The host ensures your webpage is accessible all day, every day to potential perusers and it’s the place your records are put away on the web.

Most facilitating organizations likewise offer area enrollment administrations. A few people keep their space name with the recorder organization, separate from the facilitating account. I suggest holding everything under your facilitating represent bother free administration and upkeep.

Web Hosting Providers audits

An inappropriate web host can cause numerous issues with your blog. Simply envision picking a portable organization that has no gathering. Your web have is a significant bit of the riddle to making an effective blog; along these lines, you should pick a dependable supplier.

In view of our study, a dependable supplier is Bluehost. 99% of blogging specialists recommend utilizing it with WordPress.org.

WordPress Bluehost

Step #5: Starting a blog on WordPress

This area gives point by point data to assist you with pursuing the web facilitating record and how to set up a WordPress blog. For instance, I will tell you the best way to make a blog with Bluehost, and I included screen captures of the pages that you have to experience.

make blog video

Watch Blog Set Up Instructions

1. Visit Bluehost

Utilize this connect to visit Bluehost. At that point click the “Begin Now” button.

bluehost landing page

2. Select your blog’s facilitating plan

You should begin by choosing your arrangement. On the off chance that this is your absolute initial one, you ought to go with the essential one – at any rate until you investigate your alternatives. The one called in addition to ought to have the option to cover every one of your needs once you get moving, and you ought to consider the ace form once your prevalence skyrockets.

facilitating plans

3. Info your blog’s space name

Your area name has a state in the achievement of your blog, so you should take as much time as is needed to think of something new. Simply type in the ideal space in this “new area” box and Bluehost will give you whether it’s accessible or not. If not, it will furnish you with a rundown of comparable names for you to browse.

pick space name

4. Register for Bluehost

After you choose your area name, Bluehost will take you to the enlistment page where it will be required from you to fill in your own information, including the charging information. A few minutes are all you need.

bluehost account information

5. Select your facilitating alternatives

Give extra consideration to your facilitating alternatives. Clearly, the year bundle has the most minimal cost, yet the other two are extraordinary when you need to make a drawn out speculation.

bundle data

You can don’t hesitate to uncheck the remainder of the cases – you can generally get them later when you discover them important.

6. Dispatch your WordPress blog with Bluehost

Congrats, we are nearly there! When you have your area name and web facilitating associated, it’s an ideal opportunity to set up WordPress.

Go to your Bluehost cPanel account, discover the ‘My Sites’ segment, and snap Install WordPress. That is the popular a single tick set-up offered by Bluehost that makes blog creation a breeze.

stage six

Presently, in the event that you go to your site’s URL, you will just observe a ‘Coming Soon’ page in light of the fact that the site hasn’t gone live yet. For this, you’ll have to set up and structure a WordPress site before propelling it, yet I’ll get to that later. When this is done, return to the cPanel and hit ‘Dispatch.’

Step #6: Find the correct subject (blog structure)

More on topics

The main thing your blog’s front end needs is a face (plan and design). You need to make a situation that is both eye-getting and pragmatic. Over the long haul, you need your guests to handily discover data on your site. You don’t need guests to be debilitated by the hues you pick or the non-instinctive and strange manner by which data is shown. Your plan can cause moment doubt of your blog or prompt acknowledgment.

Start your quest for a topic when your WordPress stage is introduced. The look and feel of your new blog depend on the subject you pick. Your perusers will initially see the general appearance, before investigating the substance. Pick a topic that looks extraordinary, yet additionally works for your exceptional substance needs. The default subject that accompanies your WordPress blog introduced is Twenty Nineteen—while it’s a decent starter topic, you’ll need to pick a topic that is extraordinary and good with your specialty. There are in excess of 3,000 subjects accessible on WordPress.org.

Step #7: How to bring in cash blogging

bring in cash blogging

Adaptation is the way toward making an interpretation of your blog movement into profit. You should remember that blogging isn’t tied in with bringing in cash however rather making valuable substance that will draw in perusers and make them return for additional.

In the wake of delivering extraordinary substance for quite a while and by drawing in with your specialty advertise, you will end up being a perceived master who will have the option to manufacture a noteworthy rundown of supporters and endorsers. At exactly that point you could consider including content that will create pay.

7 Strategic Ways On How To Start A Blog
7 Strategic Ways On How To Start A Blog



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