Why Nobody Reads Your Blog Posts and How to Change That!

Why Nobody Reads Your Blog Posts and How to Change That!

So you wrote this awesome blog post yet you don’t seem to see anyone visiting your blog and reading, right? Why is that so?

Why Nobody Reads Your Blog Posts and How to Change That!

Why Nobody Reads Your Blog Posts and How to Change That!
Why Nobody Reads Your Blog Posts and How to Change That!

When it comes to blogging you need to understading that there are some things that may cause you to not have the right amount of readers! So let’s get into the reasons why someone could not be reading your blog post (hopefully this will help you spice things up, friend 🙂

You are waiting for your readers to find you… (but, why? lol)

One thing I think many of us do wrong takes time to come up with blog post ideas and after just sit down and watch the screen…

Nothing happens after that!

You need to start promoting your blog even if you don’t have much content so your page views can go higher! I love using Pinterest to promote my blog posts (I use this amazing tool called Tailwind (leave a comment and I’ll send you an invite link to try it totally FREE for a month, you will love it!))!

Pinterest is, in my opinion, the best way to get traffic to your blog for free, especially when you’re a new blogger and nobody knows about you.

You can promote your blog post by creating multiple pins for each blog post and pin them to different boards every day.

You are not adding the right keywords (Keyword research maybe?)

Keywords are super important when it comes to blogging. You need to add them in order for your readers to find you when they search for those keywords on google.

Those are keywords.

From my experience the more specific you go with a keyword, the higher chances you have to be found on Google.

Make sure to put the keywords in few places such as your blog post’s title, alt tags for your images and throughout your blog post (don’t overdo it because google hates that!).

Also, make sure to have the Yoast SEO plugin installed and activated and you should follow everything it tells you to do to each one of your blog posts (try your best)!

You are creating the right content for the wrong people!

You may be writing some amazing blog posts and presenting it by promoting it to the wrong people. You need to know what your audience would love to read and give them what they need. I know, writing about your favorite topics on your blog will make you happy but will you readers be interested to read as well?

You aren’t that much dedicated to your blog.,.

When it comes to blogging, there is something that you need to know. If you don’t watch out you may end up giving up. Why?

Blogging takes a lot of time (a lot, trust me!!!) and you need dedication and strategic planning if you want to succeed. So take this blogging thing serious and you will see great results!

You are trying to earn first than to help first..

Many of us try to blog in order to make some good amount of money, that’s okay! But the thing is when you start a blog you want to help others. People that land on your blog should find something they where searching for.

They should find something useful in there. Filling your blogs with product recommendation that you dont even like is not nice at all.

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At the end, you will find out that you are driving your readers away!

You are in the same routine with no change (You need some new results friend!)

This is really important if you want to see something change you first need to change as a person. Doing the same things over and over will just give you the same results. Try to spice things up, read educative blog posts, listen to podcasts on blogging, watch helpful youtube videos!

All these will give you the knowledge and boost to make a change!

You are a newbie to blogging (we all started from somewhere, trust me!)

If you are a new blogger and your blog is fairly new don’t worry about being found by readers! What you should do is create content and improve your blog! When your blog is few months old you will start seeing the right traffic if you keep promoting and creating content!

You are trying to be someone else! (Please be you, you are awesome!)

You need to be yourself when it comes to blogging because your readers would love to interact with the real you! I think that says it all!

You are checking analytics than checking your blog (I got over them after a while, you will too)!

This one’s right next to compare yourself, and it’s here for a reason! If you’re checking your stats and analyzing what you’re doing right or wrong 20 times a day, you’re wasting time.

There’s no need to check your stats more than once a day, if that.

Do what needs to be done and let go of these numbers! They change ALL THE TIME.

Your titles are not so click..ful (is that even a word?!)

A good titles and headlines are everything! If your headline is not great, if it doesn’t solve a burning problem – there’s a very high chance you won’t attract much traffic.

You choose a nich with not much traffic… (ahhh.. i’ve been there!)

Some blog niches are very specific and don’t drive a lot of traffic. There just aren’t many people with that particular interest.

So, if you’re very niched down, this also means there’s a higher chance for the right people to find you, so you can actually make money by offering a service or product. And this is where the “You don’t need a lot of traffic to make money” is true.

When there isn’t much “competition”, there also isn’t enough information out there – thus you can charge higher prices and make good money even with a smaller audience.

Why Nobody Reads Your Blog Posts and How to Change That!
Why Nobody Reads Your Blog Posts and How to Change That!

See ya in my next one!

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