Here Are The Best Affordable Skin Care Routine Philippines By Top Experts

It might be expensive to have beautiful skin. Can you imagine how many items you’d have to include in your routine merely to maintain your face clear of breakouts and moisturized? (We tried adding up our skincare costs and were a little surprised by the results.) There are also times when you need face treatments to treat obstinate pimples or smooth out uneven skin. Isn’t it true that a lot of your sweldo is slipping through your fingers? Affordable Skin Care Routine Philippines

We do feel, however, that spending a lot of money on skincare isn’t always necessary.

When it comes to pagtitipid, you can count on us Pinays to be both creative and matiyaga! Plus, there are a plethora of low-cost skincare options on the market right now. It should be possible to maintain a budget-friendly routine. Here’s a quick start guide to help you get started.

Here Are The Best Affordable Skin Care Routine Philippines By Top Experts


Understand your skin type.

Everything is based on this! Knowing whether you have oily, dry, sensitive, or normal skin will aid you in selecting the appropriate products, ensuring that you do not waste money on goods that will not benefit you. Here’s a simple test to determine your skin type.

Do your homework.

Now that you’ve identified your skincare concerns, it’s time to research which substances will and will not benefit your skin. Tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and centella asiatica, for example, will be your BFFs if you have acne-prone skin. When hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, and vitamin E are applied to dry skin, it becomes dewy and hydrated.

Maintain a straightforward approach.

Maintain a simple skincare routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. You can avoid overspending if you stick to the fundamental stages. Other optional measures, including as masking and spot treatments, will be determined by your skin’s current condition.

Use multi-tasking products.
Invest on products that will address a variety of skin issues. Here are a few multi-tasking items to consider:

Cream toners are a type of toner that refines and hydrates the skin. Excellent for dry skin.

Aloe vera gel – This moisturizes and soothes the skin.

Rosehip oil – This essential oil can aid in the fading of acne scars while also hydrating the skin.

Retinol cream is an exfoliating treatment that lowers the appearance of fine wrinkles and cures acne.

I’m a big fan of supporting local businesses.
We’re blessed since there is a vast selection of local skincare brands we can resort to. Plus, we know the products are created in the Philippines!

Here are a few places to start looking for inexpensive skincare:

Facial Wash iWhite Korea
A deep-cleansing face wash that prevents blemishes and improves the complexion.


Simple Facial Wash that Moisturizes

A cleanser that doesn’t irritate or dry up your skin. Instead, it softens, smoothes, and plumps your skin. Any skin type, particularly those with sensitive skin, will enjoy this! (It’s also excellent as a follow-up to double cleansing.)

Witch Hazel Toner by Thayers

A witch hazel toner can be used to cure zits and prevent the germs that causes them from spreading. Many people choose this one from Thayers because it is alcohol-free and gentle on the skin.

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Hydrating Lotion by Hada Labo

The Haba Labo Hydration Lotion could be the one-step skincare solution you’ve been waiting for, as it cleanses, refines, and softly hydrates the skin.


Tomato Serum by Skin Potions

Everyone appears to be talking about this acne treatment serum that also fades acne scars. Visit Skin Potions’ Instagram feed to see before-and-after customer testimonials.

Jeju Aloe Refreshing Soothing Gel from The Face Shop
Aloe vera gel, as previously stated, is a hardworking beauty multi-tasker that can soothe breakouts, hydrate the skin, act as a face mask, and even act as a makeup primer!





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