How To Promote Your Content And Grow A Following

How To Promote Your Content when no one knows about you and when the entire internet thing seemed too good to be true?
Well, that’s all we are going to be talking about today, have a seat!

Hi there! Good to have you! if are new to my blog my name is Silvy, Ghanaian by nationality I Started this blog as a way of documenting my journey as a blogger. Just like you i had and still have so many questions about blogging but my aim is to answer them all! In this blog you will find tips & tricks to help you become a better blogger and get noticed!

If you don't have a blog or you are thinking on starting one i strongly advice you to start your dream blog right now! I also had this blog as an idea and i'm glad i finally did it! If i did it, so can you!

With that out of the way, let's continue!

How To Promote Your Content And Grow A Following!

How To Promote Your Content And Grow A Following

There are so many ways to promote your content but I believe that these 3 ways are going to keep you focused and targeted towards the right audience!

Here are some pretty simple ways to promote your content and grow:

Find Your Ideal Audience

Where are the people that you want to attract your content hanging out?

Are they on YouTube watching videos? Maybe on facebook chatting in a group?

If you are creating content for a specific niche that you are familiar with you should know by now where to find mindlike people.

I suggest trying these few platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

I believe that you should put your content in front of people that would find it interesting.

Don’t really worry about people that don’t relate to your content, you are strategically targeting the right audience


People are sharing thing all the time, but what makes you special than what they share?

Build your personal brand that stands out.

You should work on making your content so unique and branded around you so when people see your content they can get to know it’s your content.


Now if you create and you don’t share people won’t see your content so I believe that you should create content that will be helpful to your targeted audience.

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At the same time, you should share your old and new content across few social platforms.

I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I have felt when i tried to share everywhereee.. Lady, take a break!

Just share at specific social channels, get to build your brand and your credibility because you’re being helpful and keep going.

One thing that can happen and I want to warn you ahead of time is the fact that you might get discouraged at first because it may take time.

I am starting this blog and my YouTube channel from scratch and to be honest I felt discouraged because I didn’t see much traffic but we have to keep going.

In the long run, you will see the results!

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