17 Deadly Blogging Mistakes That Are Killing Your Blog Slowly!

Oh yes, blogging mistakes! If you are new to the blog world, i want to welcome you. If you are old here then kudos for keeping up with blogging. Blogging is not always fun and i have to be honest i almost gave up on this blog.

But i wont, i will keep trying and see where it takes me to! Let’s have a look at 17 deadly mistakes bloggers do that are killing their blog slowly.

This mistakes are done without any intentions but often can cause more harm than good in the long run.

17 Deadly Blogging Mistakes That Are Killing Your Blog Slowly!

17 Deadly Blogging Mistakes That are Killing Your Blog Slowly!

Who is Perfect? No one

  1. Giving up too early
  2. There are so many blogs already
  3. Not Planning ahead
  4. Where is your email list?
  5. My Blog is my hobby!
  6. He is doing better than me!
  7. Just slapping keywords as titles
  8. Not even one image in your post
  9. Too much reading and less working!
  10. You don’t care who comes and goes!
  11. Trying to be like that other blogger!
  12. No keywords to be found
  13. Where are the categories?
  14. No source of inspiration
  15. When did you last posted a blog?
  16. You’re loving only the social traffic

Who is Perfect? No one!

First blogging mistake, If you are like me then you know the struggle when it comes to working your *** off to make things perfect! Same thing with blogging. You can’t expect things to always look perfect.

There are days when your blog post will not be all that fancy and you know what?

It’s totally okay!

Work on being productive yet effective rather than being perfect in everything.

Giving up too early

Yes i almost gave up on this blog,  you know why? Google place blogs into it’s google sandbox until it can trust it and bring traffic to it. I now can see slow but steady traffic but i will keep pushing through. So do you.

Just because someone left a mean comment on your post don’t mean you are terrible at what you are doing, it simply means that it’s affecting someone.

Keep your head up and don’t give up. Here is How to Start a Blog on WordPress & Start Blogging Today!

There are so many blogs already

This was one of my biggest struggles and even as i speak i was thinking of shutting this blog down due to the large amount of blogs that are in the same niche.

But there is a chance that you might have to be the only person that shares their thought and ideas like no other!

So keep the dream alive and go for your dreams! If you want to learn how to start a blog then this will surely help you out!

Not Planning ahead

Okay i am totally guilty of this as we speak i haven’t plan ahead my next post but i can talk from experience when i tell you that this is killing your blog if you don’t change your strategy.

Why? Because if something happens then your blog will be out there outdated with no new post and google rewards blogs that post regularly!

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Where is your email list?

This is something i’m currently working on and you should as well. When it comes to building your email list you have to know that it’s the only source of traffic that you have control over!

With that being said you need to work your way out and find a nice opt-in freeby to offer to someone in order for them to subcribe to your email list.

My Blog is my hobby!

Yes .. we all started that way and we should change towards a more business like thinking!

Your blog started as a hobby but it can turn into your dream work if you change the way you think.

Make it your priority and turn it into your mini business. Then you will see your blog growing.

He is doing better than me!

Next in the blogging mistakes list, Okay comparison is evil. Period! I don’t even want to talk about what it does to someones self esteem. If you have the audacity to compare your blog with other larger ones then my friend you need to stop. Like right now!

Instead i want you to see your blog as something that belongs to you and it’s part of you. Cultivate it and grow it into something that will reflect you as you also grow through it.

Just slapping keywords as titles

Okay now we are entering into the technical stuff.

You post titles. When was the last time you took your time to write a good, attracting and catchy blog post title?

Yep, i guessed right…a long time ago!

Your blog title will draw someone into clicking you post and reading it and who knows eventually subscribing to your blog.

If you run out of ideas then you always can use one of this 11 Catchy Titles Generator Tools Every Blogger Needs to Try! They won’t fail you!

Not even one image in your post.

Hey look at me, you need images!

How will someone share your post when there is no image to pin or share? Images are very powerful and memorable.

A good trick is to add your keyword using ‘-‘ to separate each word. This way you will have the chance to rank on google images results.

Too much reading and less working!

We can all get into the loop of this blogging mistakes right here.

If you haven’t read any educational blog post or listen to podcasts about blogging then you haven’t heard some really great stuff. But sometimes all this knowledge do more harm than good.

When was the last time you took into action a bloggers advice after reading it?

We can get so lost in this ocean of ideas and inspiration that we forget to act. Don’t be like that.

Read/listen and act more! Less blogging mistakes is better my friend!

You don’t care who comes and goes!

Traffic source is one of the main things i was checking when i started that you should also be checking.

Where is those awesome people coming from? Which country reads your posts the most? Language?

All this will help you schedule your posts and even your newsletters better. So get into the habit of getting to know more about traffic and in case you haven’t install google analytics you can learn how to install it here.

Trying to be like that other blogger!

Don’t even try to copy another blogger. One you are not yourself and soon or later people will find out that it’s not you writing and second you will get bored of pretending.

Blogging is fun when you are yourself and write just the way you like it.

I remember when i started i read so many awesome posts and i wanted to become this perfect writer but guess what?

Best person you can be is being a better version of yourself!

No keywords to be found

Yep as we speak i don’t even know the keyword i’ll rank for this post but what i’m trying to tell you is that you need to write posts with a specific keyword in mind in order for SEO to work for you.

This is for those that want to get traffic using SEO and not relying on social traffic.

In case you need to know some great tools for doing proper keyword research you can read 20 Best Free SEO Tools Every Blogger Must Know About!

Where are the categories?

This is a huge one in my blogging mistakes list, it deals with links and so on.. google crawl.. you get the picture!

I did this mistake by creating so many categories then they where all indexed.. i ended up removing half of them and kept only few.

You need to know exactly what your blog is about and what categories it needs. Don’t do more than what is needed.

No source of inspiration!

Pinterest is a amazing source of inspiration for bloggers. If you haven’t use it to discover some great content ideas you should try it right now. Following other blogs related to your blog niche can also help you get creative as you read others posts !!

Inspiration will keep you going.

When did you last posted a blog?

Consistency my friend will take you far and unfortunately it goes hand in hand with #3 which is not planning ahead of time. I always try to post 1 blog post a week minimum to keep my blog up to date and active.

Google then sees that you are consistent in posting weekly and slowly but surely drives traffic to your blog once it trusts you.

You’re loving only the social traffic.

In ny previous post on How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog i talked about how Pinterest can drive a crazy lot of traffic to your blog.

It’s a great tool but what you want to do is to not rely on once source of traffic. So i recommend working your way to learn better SEO tactics in order for you to rank better on google!

Thank you for reading my blogging mistakes list, this is a wrap!

Let me know what are some blogging mistakes you’ve done in the past and how did you correct them?!

Don’t forget to share and pin this for later!
17 Deadly Blogging Mistakes That are Killing Your Blog Slowly!

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