How to Use Pinterest To Promote Your Content The Right Way!

You may ask, sisi, How do I  Use Pinterest To Promote My Content The Right Way!? Glad you asked!

Whether you’re new to Pinterest or trying to improve your performance, I believe these tips should help you improve over there!

Let’s check few tips on how to build out your profile, reach more followers and start growing your following.

How to Use Pinterest To Promote Your Content The Right Way!

How to Use Pinterest To Promote Your Content The Right Way!

In case you don’t really know why you should be using Pinterest here are a few reasons why you should be using Pinterest:

What can Pinterest do for your blog?

  • It can help you build credibility and authority in your niche
  • If you learn and practice what you learn it can result in a rapid growth in website traffic
  • Who doesn’t want an increase in email subscribers?!
  • Let’s not forget it’s a free marketing tool for your business
  • The aftermath of all these is an increased income for your business!

Now that you know why you should give Pinterest a try let’s look into few basic tips that can help you take your Pinterest account from zero to a Hero!

Fill up your Pinterest profile

Do you know that a complete profile tells your brand’s story?

Adding a decent profile photo, a good summary about yourself (add up some keywords there), your location and some other social links can show your audience that you mean business!

Your Profile Description & Business Name Matters!

The key when it comes to Pinterest Description and Names is to use words that people commonly search for that relate to your blog.

You want to tell your readers exactly what you like to pin and what kind of things they will find on your profile.

Quality over Quantity: Create Great Pin Descriptions

When someone searches for a term on Pinterest You can be shown on his search result if your profile is relevant enough.

There are 3 places that seem to be a factor that will tell if your pins will show up or not:

  • the words on your actual pin
  • your pin image
  • and the keywords in your pin description.

So be smart when writing your pin descriptions, I know I also do that mistake but try to take some few more minutes and fill the description with relevant keywords!

Save Pins regularly

Consistent, daily activity is better than adding a ton of Pins at once. Be patient, and stick with it. Adding content consistently over consecutive months is the best way to build a dedicated audience on Pinterest. You can schedule Pins up to two weeks in advance, making it easier to stick to a  publishing schedule.

Unlike social networks, where most of your reach happens in the first 24 hours, your Pinterest content keeps growing in reach over time. As more people discover and save your Pins, you’ll see traffic continue to go up.

Another way to save pins is to use Tailwind to Schedule your pins. This tool helps me get some rest while my pins are still circulating!

I strongly recommend you signing up and playing around with it!

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What are some general rules on staying active and engage on Pinterest?

  • Manually pinning on a regular basis
  • Go to the ‘’Explore’’ and ‘’Trending’’ pages and re-pin from there
  • Pin other people’s pins manually
  • When you see a ‘’Board to Follow’’ in your feed, follow them if they’re relevant.

When you are searching on your home feed on Pinterest, you will see that you can normally only read the first couple of lines of the description.  Factor that in when choosing what to write as you want something that entices the reader to click and save your pin.

Choose Some Featured Boards

I always like to sort my boards. First I always put my “Best of ..” Board so when someone lands on my profile they can have a look at my content first.

Then I go ahead and sort them by my preference.

This is helpful when you have lots of boards and a group board, keep things organized.

Name your boards wisely

When naming your boards, you want to optimize your boards for Pinterest search.

So, make sure your board names are specific and relevant to your audience (must contain good keywords).

Use Rich Pins

This is an important one, If you want to create a professional looking Pinterest profile, you need to have “rich” pins. Simple!

Rich pins are the ones you see that have the website in bold black letters under the image.

They direct the reader directly to your site (although I sometimes still struggle setting them up, rich pins are fairly easy to set up once you know how).

Once you have enabled them, all your new pins will become rich pins.

One of the best tutorial out there for creating rich pins is this one.

What are some of the advantages of using rich pins?

  • Pinterest gets more data from the blog post (the meta description)
  • Your pins may probably rank higher in search!

Use Pinterest business tools

Checking Pinterest analytics is really important. To get Analytics, ads and other business tools, upgrade to a free business account.
Then, claim your website, Etsy page, and social accounts (if you have any of them) so your content gets the right attribution on Pinterest.
If you want more tips, check out Pinterest business tips here.

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