Tips On How To Clean Pores (From an Expert)

Tips On How To Clean Pores

We are aware of this. Isn’t it true that when you think about Benefit Cosmetics, eyebrows immediately come to mind? Of course we adore our arches, but we also love ores. When we initially released The POREfessional, our pore primer, in 2010, we became obsessed. We don’t like to keep our beauty secrets to ourselves because we have more than 5,000 certified Pore Experts worldwide, more than ten years of product development experience, and other advantages.. In order to learn the inside scoop on how to successfully unclog our pores and achieve healthier-looking, cleaner skin, we met down with Benefit Global Brow & Beauty Authority & Licensed Esthetician, Jared Bailey. (You will become a POREfessional after this.) Tips On How To Clean Pores

So…You Cannot Get Rid of Your Pores. That’s also a Good Thing!
How can you begin to unclog your pores? discovering their operations and actions.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that pores are essential to maintaining our health, they frequently get a bad rap.

Pores are the tiny openings that surround the hair follicles on your face. They exude sebum, a naturally occurring oil created by our bodies that moisturizes and keeps our skin resilient and soft. These minute openings could eventually “clog” if they accumulate dirt, bacteria, oil, worn out skin cells, cosmetics, and other substances. If you notice that skin imperfections are surfacing, you likely have clogged pores.and it can be really irritating!

Thus, even if we can’t get rid of our pores (why would we want to? They provide so much assistance to us! ), we can lessen their visual impact by keeping them clean. With the right care, they won’t only look better; we’ll feel better, too.

Tips On How To Clean Pores (From an Expert)

Tips On How To Clean Pores
Tips On How To Clean Pores

How Do You Clean Pores, Then? Our Expert Was Consulted

When it comes to learning how to clean our pores, there is a wealth of knowledge available. And to say that you feel overwhelmed is an understatement if you don’t know where to begin.

What news is good? The Global Brow & Beauty Authority for Benefit, Jared Bailey, is on hand to help. Imagine the pores on your face as 20,000 tiny openings, according to Bailey’s joke, which is comparable to gopher holes. Cleaning your pores frequently is essential, much as when you brush your teeth. The good news is that it’s simple to keep pores clear and looking their best.

“Consider that there are 20,000 tiny pores on your face, which resemble gopher holes. Cleaning your pores frequently is essential, much as when you brush your teeth.


First, double cleansing is essential.

You have probably heard of dubiously cleaning. Maybe you even thought, “Umm…TWO cleansers? That takes too much effort. We understand. Time is money, bb. But in this case, both cleanses work well and simultaneously unclog your pores.

Bailey claims that the first wash frequently helps in the removal of makeup, surface oil, and other impurities that we accumulate throughout the course of a typical day. “After sweeping that stuff away, we can get deeper and wash dirt away during the second cleanse.”

The POREfessional Get Unblocked and The POREfessional Good Cleanup images from a clinical trial; individual outcomes may vary.
A double cleansing schedule is your best bet if you want to truly cleanse your skin (and pores). We created a dynamic duo for double cleansing as a result! The POREfessional Good Cleanup pore-purifying foamy cleanser and The POREfessional Get Unblocked pore-clearing cleaning oil. Despite the fact that you can use both cleansers alone, they work best when combined.


Start by cleansing with The POREfessional Get Unblocked to get rid of oil and makeup. After applying waterproof mascara and other long-wearing cosmetics, use The POREfessional Good Cleanup to help remove any remaining impurities.

Still require some persuasion?

93% of those who have used The POREfessional Get Unblocked said it visibly melts away dirt, oil, and makeup**, and 99% of those who have used The POREfessional Good Cleanup said skin appears clearer AND feels smoother over time*. Additionally, using both cleansers together will allow you to perform a more complete double wash by removing both waterproof and long-wearing makeup.
116 participants’ self-evaluations after one month.*107 participants self-assessed after one use.

Tip 2: Follow Our Lead and Be Kind

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Don’t get us wrong, we love to exfoliate, but if you’re not utilizing mild products or methods, too much of a good thing may sometimes end up being not-so-good. Exfoliating too frequently and using harsh chemicals can damage the skin’s protective barrier, leave skin feeling bare, cause an excess of oil to be produced, and result in imperfect skin.

Verify that you are not going overboard and are being G-E-N-T-L-E.

3. Use only ingredients that your face will enjoy.

We adore elements that are mild, non-comedogenic (won’t block or clog pores), moisturizing, and/or non-stripping when it comes to pore care. We exclusively used chemicals like bisabolol, AHAs, PHAs, and squalane (to name a few) because our Pore Care from The POREfessional line was created expressly with pore cares and concerns in mind.

Why We Feel for Them

The component bisabolol, frequently referred to as alpha bisabolol or a-bisabolol, is commonly found in skin care products. It is well known for relieving skin tension. It is a component in our products that clear pores, including our pore-clearing clay mask (The POREfessional Deep Retreat), pore-clearing oil (The POREfessional Get Unblocked), and pore-purifying foamy cleanser (The POREfessional Good Cleanup).

You undoubtedly already use acids on a daily basis, including PHAs and AHAs. In addition to polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), there are numerous other types of acids.

According to Bailey, AHAs can be beneficial for oily or flaw-prone skin because they exfoliate the skin and visibly tighten pores. PHAs are excellent for people with sensitive skin or anyone who thinks that other acids are a little bit too potent for their skin type. They are somewhat comparable to AHAs but are milder.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) can be combined to gently exfoliate skin while also substantially tightening pores. These elements, together with yuzu and lemon extracts (which smooth the skin and decrease pores), make The POREfessional Tight ‘n Toned toning foam ideal for AM and PM routines.

Squalane: According to Bailey, squalane is a biomimetic emollient that replicates the action of natural chemicals and is simple for human bodies to identify. It moisturizes and keeps our skin moisturized and supple.

Our thin moisturizer has a smoothing effect. The POREfessional Smooth Sip’s ingredients, which include squalane, niacinamide, celery and flax seed extracts, and aloe leaf juice, help to hydrate and balance the skin.


Tip #4! To soften pore buildup, use steam

a quick method to thorough clean? Boost the steam!

According to Bailey, using steam makes it simpler to eliminate more dirt, oil, and pollutants that may become lodged in our pores. Additionally, incorporating steam throughout your skincare routine is simply extremely soothing and posh, you know?

It’s a frequent misconception that steam can “open up pores,” but this isn’t actually the case. We cannot open or close pores, thus they are not like windows. Since their size and other features are frequently inherited, if your mother has larger pores, you might as well. But hey, we can still steam clean and disinfect them!Our top tips are listed below:

Spend some time in a steamy shower (always with clean skin!).
Your skin may be more sensitive when it’s warm. After a shower, apply soft, nourishing items without rubbing your skin with a towel.
You don’t have to steam every day; once a week should be sufficient.
After steaming, use a pore-clearing clay mask (hiii The POREfessional Deep Retreat) to help remove the softened dirt, oil, and debris.
Please remember to moisturize with The POREfessional Smooth Sip as well!

Make pore care a ritual with Tip #5.

Because consistency is important to our skin (and to all of us, really), make sure you have an effective AM and PM pore care routine in place.regardless of whether there are 3 steps or 10 (the passion is fantastic!). Additionally, you can include a few pore “treats” like a weekly mask.

You can identify changes in your skin and the products and ingredients that work (or don’t) for you by establishing a routine. It is progress, not perfection, that counts. Aside from that, it takes time, just like any change to your daily routine does, so practice patience.


Happy Pores are Clean Pores

Benefit is aware that clear pores result in skin that looks healthier. We are here to promote MORE pore education and to assist you in making pore care a priority. We have more than 5,000 Pore Experts worldwide.


Tips On How To Clean Pores
Tips On How To Clean Pores



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