12 Reasons no One Reads your Blog & how to Change it!

Why? What are the reasons no one reads your blog?! When it comes to writing blog posts i honestly know how it feels to not know what to write about and feel Stuck. believe me, was there, felt like you feel and done that before!

But what happens when you take your time and write all this amazing content yet no one reads it?

It can be painful. Or it can really be painful to the point that will make you feel that you’ve done the wrong thing by starting a  blog and turn your mind into quiting this entire thing and finding something better to do with your life.

But before you quit, what if i told you that there are some things that you can change starting from today in order to start seeing not only the right people but the right traffic coming your way.

Yes, you heard me well!

There is the wrong and right traffic and today we are looking into 12 reasons no one reads your blog and why.

12 Reasons no One Reads your Blog & how to Change it!

12 reasons no one reads your blog


Who is this for and how can you benefit by reading it?

This is for anyone that has already started a blog and is not seeing the traffic her/she wanted to see. If you are just thinking of starting a blog and you want to lay the right foundation be sure to read my tips on how to start a blog with wordpress. By following my steps you will learn how to start blogging today!

What will you learn from today’s post

By reading today’s post you will find value in what you’re doing and learn the best ways to fix the “no traffic” issue your blog might be going through right now.

  1. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea!
  2. Your Blogging voice needs auto-tune!
  3. You’re not writing what your audience want to read 
  4. You have just started
  5. Your visual strategy need a boost 
  6. You are not focused
  7.  Your headlines Drives them away
  8. Practice frequent posting 
  9. Your SEO Game is too low
  10. Write, write & write more!
  11. Keep Sharing your new and old content
  12. Get some blogging buddies 

Let’s dive into the reasons 🙂

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea!

This thought comes to us often! I can still hear it echo in my mind…

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to start thing blog.

One of the reasons no one reads your blog is because you’re not sure of what you are doing and believe me when you are not sure or have a clear mind of your goal and destination you will be doing all short of stuff without a stable result because you’re not expecting a result!

How to fix it: Find a solid reason on why you started your blog and set that as your goal driver (if that word even exist !).

Your Blogging voice needs auto-tune!

Oh haven’t you try to add some autotune effect into your voice?

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Well when you’re trying to find your singing voice there is a quick way to “tune up” your voice by adding autotune filters.

But what do i mean? It also applies to blogging. When you try to sound like someone else or you try to write (not copy/paste) someone’s writing technique then you’re auto-tuning your blogging voice!

How to change it: Find your blogging voice by experimenting on different writing techniques. Do you feel comfortable writing like you’re speaking to a friend?

Then that’s the way you should write. Don’t try to sound sophisticated or use super strange words because you won’t be able to keep up with those words unless it’s inbuilt!

You’re not writing what your audience want to read!

I did this mistake with my very first blog post. “how to screenshot on mac”. I mean that’s a question many people had but who can’t find that tutorial online? You want to write posts that your readers will find interesting. That’s why it’s important to write the right topics so you can drive the right traffic.

How to fix it: Do a general research, Find where your audience is gathering on social media (facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) and follow the discussion.

You will find many topics that needs a answer. Write about them and become a expert in your niche!

You have just started, Chill my friend!

One of the reasons no one reads your blog is because you worry too much!

You need to understand that when you launch your blog it’s fairly new and google needs time to trust you. that’s why you should not worry the first months of your blog birth.

The only thing i would advice you is to be consistent with you posts and your social shares even when you don’t see much traffic.

Google rewards the blogs that posts quality content and remains relevant and updated. Keep writing!

Your visual strategy need a boost

The posts with more images get the most engagement. less visuals will make your post really blunt and plain. you need to choose the right visuals for your content depending on your niche.

If you’re niche is about blogging then finding blogging related images will break the ice between the headings and content.

How to fix it: Find great images to use on your post. I love this list of free feminine stock photos that will break the ice!

They have totally transform my blog and just choosing the right high quality (even free) stock photos can make all the difference!

You are not focused.

yes yes yes. I fell into that as well! I now know that targeting a specific niche is vital if you want to succeed. When you know what your audience like and give it to them you will get them to come for more.

But if your audience is totally out of your reach you might be entertaining the wrong people.

How to fix it: What is your blog niche? Find one blog niche per blog and focus on targeting the right audience for that niche.


Your headlines Drives them away!

If your heading are really boring no one will want to read them. Learn how to spice things up by making your headings so interesting that the reader will keep reading.

How to fix it: Start writing Catchy Blog titles!

Writing catchy blog titles just requires creativity or you can use some of this great Catchy Blog title Generator Tools for blog post ideas.

I also love this 100+ Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Title Templates from twelveskip.com, being strategic with your post titles will give you the ultimate result!

Practice frequent posting!

yes, powerful reasons no one reads your blog is lack of consistency.

I did this mistake to launch my blog and post once in a blue moon. What i can tell you is that there is a difference when you start posting regularly. Switching on and off will not help your blog.

Consistency is so important in order for your blog to be considered a good source and a updated one.

How to fix it: Sit down and plan your posts, if you can write blog posts for weeks to come that’s a bonus for you. I try to post at least one post a week.

Anything more than that is welcome (especially if your blog is fairly new)!

Your SEO Game is too low

Oh boy, SEO is really going to boost your traffic in the long run but i have bad news, when you are just starting with your blog google won’t send lots of traffic.

Can you imagine that the reasons no one reads your blog is because you have low SEO score? wow.

What do you do? Still write Blog posts that’s SEO optimized in order to attract google once your blog takes off.

How to fix it: Educate yourself about SEO in order to practice good SEO on your posts. I also recommend installing YOAST SEO plugin for wordpress. It will really guide you on keeping your SEO game on.

You can also read their 10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post that will help you better understand why you need SEO in your life!

Write, write & write more!

One reason your blog is not getting traffic is because your content is too short.

Let’s face it,it’s easy to write quick and fast content but the secret is in the lengthy ones. I’ve set a goal of writing not less than 1.000 words and so should you. The more you write the longer your post become and google loves lengthy new posts.

How to fix it: Practice on writing longer posts at a time, that will help you get better in writing. Another thing i do is to break down my post into segments or headings and write about each segment.

Keep Sharing your new and old content

Oh this is a ongoing thing. You’ve write your post and hit that publish button, yay!

But what happens next? you share it the first day and? One of the reasons no one reads your blog is because you are being afraid to share my content repetedly because i think i’m showing my content to the same people.

But that’s not the case. You need to share your content in order for it to land in front of the right people.

One thing that has help me is to automate some of this process.

Pinterest is a fantastic tool that can bring you lots of traffic. If you want to learn how i use Pinterest to explode my traffic check my post on how i use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog.

Get some blogging buddies

I’m still fairly new to blogging but i do have some blogging friends that help me stay motivated in moments when i couldn’t see it. Find the right blogging buddies and especially in the same niche.

We don’t have to see this as a competition but as a complimentary thing!

Well there we have it, 12 reasons no one reads your blog revealed and answered.

It’s a wrap! let’s keep it rolling, Share this!

What are some reasons that made your blog traffic stagnant? What did you do to change that?
12 Reasons no One Reads your Blog & how to Change it!

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