14 Magical Things i Did that Exploded my Blog to the Heavens!

What are some things i did that exploded my blog? Good question! Previously i shared 12 reasons no one is reading your blog but today i’m coming in through a different direction! I always share this and will keep on sharing it. If you keep your head high and push for your dreams eventually you will get there. But the thing is that discouragement is a strong opponent so many of us tend to give up.

Today i’m sharing 14 things i did that exploded my blog to the heavens. If you learn from what i did i’m sure your blog will slowly but surely row as well!

14 Magical Things i Did that Exploded my Blog to the Heavens!

14 Magical Things i Did that Exploded my Blog to the Heavens!

  1. Focused on a specific niche
  2. Keep the Posts coming weekly
  3. Speedup my blog
  4. Structure my Ads placement
  5. Minimize my categories
  6. Become a SEO Ninja
  7. Up leveled my Graphics Game (free feminine stock photos)
  8. Examined my keyword strategy
  9. Monitored my traffic via Google Analytics
  10. Target Social Site with right audience
  11. Added a Questions/answers form (interaction)
  12. Created a Awesome Freebie
  13. Targeted placement of my opt-in form
  14. Practice effective affiliate link building

Focused on a specific niche

As i shared in my 12 Essential Things to Do in Your First Month of Blogging, this is extreme important because when you are targeted your view is clearer. I was kind of blind folded in the beginning of this blog’s journey.

I didn’t know what to target and i aimed for a general target. What i came to understand is that focusing on a specific niche can help you get better results.

Thats things i did that exploded my blog and i am very happy that i went for that.

Yes i lost enough time in the early stages of my blog but lessons are there for us to learn from.

Keep the Posts coming weekly

Good one. What happens when you post a post one day and the next week nothing? Not good practice my friend! You need to sit down and find a good routine on how to write and post frequently.

I once had a look at some blogs for another type niche blog and i saw that they posted almost every day of the week.

Now for people that have a 9-5 work this is impossible unless you want to spend your entire day writing.

We all have other things that excites us doing and also families that are awaiting so working on finding the best schedule for your routine will do the job.

One thing i found out about my schedule is that planning things and breaking my posts into 1-2 per week does it for me. Next step is to write content for upcoming weeks.

Speedup my blog

I did this and i’m still working on speeding up my blog. You should as well. One of the things i did that exploded my blog is to take time to read and watch videos on learning how to speed your blog.

WordPress sites tend to slow down after a while of over optimizing and using too many plugins.

This video bellow is one of my favorite tutorials on how to speed up your blog starting now!

Structure my Ads placement

One thing with google adsense is that placing your ads anywhere and everywhere won’t do the trick. Learning how to place your ads and where to place them is one of the best things to do.

Here are some basic things you need to know. The ads that load first performs best so i encourage you to have one of your ads above the fold of your website. Next would be in your actual content. Using the color scheme of your blog try to style google adsense ads so they don’t look overall foreign to your blog.

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This post on some of the highest earning adsese ad layout will help you out on that/

Don’t use more than 3 ads on your page is a good practice!

Minimize my categories

Don’t do what i did in my 17 Deadly Blogging Mistakes That is Killing Your Blog Slowly! As we speak i need to resolve some 404 page errors i see on my google console screen due to the fact that i left all the demo categories and also created some extra ones when i wasn’t sure about my niche.

One of the things i did that exploded my blog is to narrow down my blog categories to only few. My main one is Blogging and then i break it down to less than 5 categories.

By that way anyone that navigates through my blog won’t be overwhelmed by the amount of categories they need to discover!

Less is more!Click To Tweet

Become a SEO Ninja

You know how things work, they always say that google’s (or any search engine’s traffic) is better than any other traffic.

It’s true in a way because the people that will land on your blog will be actually searching for your content rather that people scrolling through their social media feed and bumping across your content.

Pinterest is a great source of traffic when it comes to getting traffic from other sources (i share how i drive traffic like crazy from pinterest here) but i totally recommend you learning the basics of SEO and what makes a post good in order for it to rank.

Up leveled my Graphics Game (free feminine stock photos)

It’s a ungoing thing for me and so should it be for you. It’s totally time consuming when it comes to finding and placing images into your blog posts after taking hours of writing a post but i must say that some of my best posts contain images and so the conclusion is..

Find free stock images that look amazing and go great with your blog style. that’s one of the things i did that exploded my blog! Since i’m a lady i went for this great feminine free stock photos but i have some that are for general use so check it out here.

Examined my keyword strategy

When it comes to keywords don’t joke! You need to find the best keywords that will help and boost your blog in the search engines and also concerning google adsense.

This Best SEO keyword tools are amazing and helped me up my keyword planning strategy!

Monitored my traffic via Google Analytics

If you’ve install google analytics and you’ve not step in to check how your blog is doing then this is one thing you need to change right now! This is things i did that exploded my blog because i constantly checked where my traffic was coming from and how i could get more people to come through that source.

I also check my landing pages to see where my visitors are landing.

One also important aspect is the bounce rate which you need to improve by creating interlinks so your readers stay longer on your blog!

Target Social Site with right audience

In continuation once you’ve master tracking down the source of your traffic then you need to focus on that specific source and make sure more people visit your blog through it. Pinterest is one of the greatest source for my blog.

I’m still working on twitter and Facebook so do your research before you get burn out from all the sharing 🙂

Added a Questions/answers form (interaction)

When people visit your blog and send you emails via the contact form a good practice and one of the things i did that exploded my blog is to interact and communicate with my readers.

You’re not a ghost and that’s what you should let your readers know.

People like to interact with people they can relate to so make it easy for them to reach you!

Created a Awesome Freebie

If you want people to sign up and give you their email then you need to offer them something awesome that will make them just type it in! One great thing to do is to work on creating a freebie that your audience will want.

Canvas is a great free tool that i use to create my freebies and it’s super easy to use. Just sign up and start playing with it.

Once you create your awesome Freebie then next thing is you want to go create your opt-in form that your visitors will fill up in order to get your freebie!

Targeted placement of my opt-in form

As i speak i’m still working on my email opt-in but one thing that i’ve noticed from other blogs i’ve worked on is that placing your opt-in form in targeted places can increase the conversion.

Most of the templates i see have a “Sign up for our Newsletter” at the bottom of the blog!

I mean, who scrolls till the end?

Best tactic is to place your opt in where your visitors can easily see it.

In your content is also a great place to add your opt-in as it allows to break the words and add some flavor!

I use to use Mailchimp but i currently discovered Mailerlite and i fell in love! I will write a post on why i switched and why you should give it a try while still using Mailchimp and decide for yourself!

In case you want to try it now it’s free to sign up here  and if you use my exclusive invite link here you will get a $20 credit when you sign up!

Practice effective affiliate link building

Yes one thing with affiliate marketing is that it’s not about making people buy stuff from your blog. It’s about making people trust you. Then they will feel more comfortable to check your links out and naturally buy though them.

So when you’re adding affiliate links into your blog make sure that your purpose is to add value.

It’s a wrap! Thank’s for reading!

Do share this and pin it for later 🙂

See you in my next one!

14 Magical Things i Did that Exploded my Blog to the Heavens!


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