Your Life Will Change With These 30+ WD40 Hacks

Are you experiencing problems with stubborn screws or noisy doors? Perhaps you are also suffering from furry animals eating everything you left on the bird feeder.

Chewing gum in hair is another problem that we all have to deal with at some point in our life. Luckily, WD-40 is always here to save the day. The versatile substance will solve the aforementioned problems, and then some.

It is incredibly versatile, not unlike duct tape. Among other things they have in common, the creators of both substances had no idea just how popular their products would become in the future.

Your Life Will Change With These 30+ WD40 Hacks

Now, we are sure you have several questions about the product. We do not blame you if you are wondering how it got its name. You should know that the letters stand for “water displacement” as this was the intended purpose of the product. Meanwhile, inventor Norm Larsen claims it is the 40th formula, whatever that might mean. The product is manufactured in San Diego, California.

But if you want to know what actually goes into the product, we cannot help you answer that. After all, it will not make it work any better or worse when you know its contents. We bet you would prefer to learn more about the problems it can help alleviate!

Don’t go thinking that you have no use for it because you are a teacher, car enthusiast, traveler, or what-have-you. The truth is that a single can will go a long way for the regular Joe. Keep reading to find out what we mean by that!