7 Important Mistakes You Need To Avoid As A Blogger

7 Important Mistakes You Need To Avoid As A Blogger

So you started blogging and everything seem great but not so great at the same time, my friend, you probably need some tips here so welcome!

7 Important Mistakes You Need To Avoid As A Blogger

7 Important Mistakes You Need To Avoid As A Blogger
7 Important Mistakes You Need To Avoid As A Blogger

I have (and probably still am in some areas of my blogging career, lol what?) come through moments that I do the make mistakes that is not working for me and probably not for you as well.

Let’s see what mistakes you could correct in order to have a better and smoother blogging experience!

Mistake #1: You are Relying On Too Many Plugins (Hello WordPress!)

Using a WordPress blog can be really super and simple (and fun too!), but there are some mistakes that can hinder your WordPress experience and having too many plugins installed is one of them.

It can lead to many problems. So, how many WordPress plugins are too many? 

If your site seems to be running too slow OR if you have many that need updates or are not being used but are still active.

Go ahead and have a look at your plugins and deactivate/delete those you don’t use or need. When you do this you’ll notice that some plugins are actually just sitting there.

Here are a Good Questions To Ask Yourself About those Plugins you still have on there:

  • Do you have any plugins that are disabled?
  • Are your activated plugins working but not really in use?
  • Do you have any that seem to make the site slow? (very important!)
  • Can you replace some with something better?

Plugins can have loopholes in the code that can be exploited which can hinder your security so please make sure they are updated and work!

Another thing is that when you add more code to your website it can slow your website down.

One thing that I surely need to improve is my blog loading speed time because ee all know that Google doesn’t like slow websites because it disrupts the user’s experience.

What to do next? Here Are the Plugins That Every WordPress Blog Should Have…

  • Security Plugin: Your Blog needs to be secure! I love WordFence!
  • Backup Plugin Most new bloggers rely on that their hosting site is all they need, but a secondary backup plugin is essential and the one that I use is Updrafts WordPress plugin Works Great!
  • SEO Plugin: To Help you with SEO: There are several SEO plugins out there but by far the best one to go with is the Yoast Plugin. And it’s also free and I love it!
  • Caching Solution Plugin It helps you rank better and it reduces your bounce rate from Google. WP Super Cache Works Well.

Mistake #2: Choosing The Wrong Platform And Hosting Company for your Blog!

To avoid wasted time and energy, a good thing to know is who you should host your blog with!

If this is your first time looking into setting up a blog, or maybe you already have a blog that’s not generating the results that you want in your business, make sure that you choose the right blogging platform so that you aren’t limited from the start.

Mistake #3: Not Enough Passion about what you are blogging about!

If you are not passionate about something it will show. that’s how it is in life, so in blogging! When you love what you are writing and talking about it will show in your blog posts.

Your readers want to end up reading your blog and leaving with a sense of fulfillment. So make sure you are excited and happy about what you are blogging about in order to get your readers excited too!

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Mistake #4:  Writing About Everything under the sun!

This is a great trick to hit your traffic goals!

This can be impacting your blog right now. If you blog about everything and don’t have a specific audience you are making it extremely hard to stick with the right people to read your blog.

It is possible to have a blog with many topics just that those that are niched down perform better in my opinion.

With that being said you should write about things your audience is looking for, need answers to.

Mistake #5: Finances , Finance & More Finances

If you are starting out blogging and you have a side job that’s a great way to start. Most bloggers usually start out blogging as a hobby first.

But if you are like me and went full in, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you are financially backed before you commit to blogging full time because you are essentially starting a new business and if your aim is to make money you need to take note that it could take up to a year to make money.

Know that most affiliates hold onto your earnings for several months and even up to 90 days, so even though you have made money from your blog, you might not see it for months to come.

You also have to remember this… you are not going to be in an office with other people, you’re not communicating with other people face-to-face, you won’t be talking about your ideas out loud, and you will have to learn how to formally craft emails, learn WordPress, and market your blog all on your own….

And all of that can be very lonely at times and you might consider that blogging isn’t for you because of that, so make sure that your blogging career is a calculated risk because this will help keep you motivated to keep on heading towards your goals!

Mistake #6:  Your Blog is your not your business

Blogging for many (Just like me when I started) is a hobby they do on the side. Nothing wrong with that. If you want to move to the next level you need to start treating your blog as your business.

I struggled with that when I end up having so many things to do for my blog yet I wanted to see it as a hobby.

If you treat your blog as a business and focus on building it and making it better you will see far more better results!

Mistake #7:  You care about what others think of you!

You are putting too much effort into your blog and trying to make it succeed but listening to many voices will not help you!This about what makes you happy rather than what people have to say about your blogs. Don’t get me wrong, get feedback, listen to readers but at the end of the day you should also be a happy person!

7 Important Mistakes You Need To Avoid As A Blogger
7 Important Mistakes You Need To Avoid As A Blogger

Thanks for Reading!

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