Here Are Some Amazing Popular Personal Blog Sites You Should Know


You get to choose everything about your site, from the amazing material you’ll write to the personal touch you’ll put on the appearance of your blog. Popular Personal Blog Sites

A personal blog is one form of blog that may be quite rewarding to establish.

With a blog like this, you may share your real-life experiences with your target audience in order to inspire or educate them.

However, knowing where to begin with a personal blog can be challenging at times.

Here Are Some Amazing Popular Personal Blog Sites You Should Know


How do you turn your everyday experiences into high-quality content without it becoming tedious?
In your blog posts, how personal do you go?
We’ll look at nine great blogs in this arena and show you what makes them so successful to help you answer these concerns.

You’ll gain suggestions for how to start a blog based on your own experiences this way.

What Does a Personal Blog Entail?
These days, the phrase “personal blog” is a bit of a misnomer.

When blogs initially started, they were virtually entirely personal.

Many of them, in fact, dealt with everyday events that no one would read about now.

However, blogging was so new at the time that people were willing to read about nearly anything.

When there were only a few other blogs to compete with, you didn’t have to be highly focused or unusual to stand out in the blogging community.

But a lot has changed since then.

The most significant distinction is the introduction of social media.

Even if you don’t know how to utilize a blogging platform like WordPress, it’s much easier to communicate what’s going on in your everyday life.

As a result, personal blogs similar to those seen in the early days of the internet are no longer relevant.

You can certainly start a blog like that, but no one will read it, and search engines will largely ignore it.

Today’s personal blogs frequently cross over into other blog categories.

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Food blogs, fitness blogs, personal development blogs, travel blogs, and even content marketing blogs are all possibilities.

So, what defines them as “personal” blogs?

The thing that distinguishes these blogs, in our opinion, is that they are heavily influenced by the founders’ life experiences and personalities.

There aren’t many guest contributors on these blogs.

They have no desire to read a magazine.

Personal stories from the author’s life are also included in the text.

Instead of simply publishing a recipe, as on a typical food blog, a personal blog can add a story about the author’s first time making the recipe for their children, or how they struggled to impress their future spouse with it.

Let’s look at some of the most popular personal blogs on the internet today to get a better understanding of what this looks like in the real world.

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Money Mustache Mr.
My wife resigned from her job.
Kate + Cookie
Shanks, Nia
Zen Practices
Carrington, Jen
Tim Ferriss is a well-known author and entrepreneur.
Clear, James

1. Money Mustache Mr.

One of our first examples is a personal finance blog.

The author (who goes by the moniker “Mr. Money Mustache”) uses the site to talk about how he was able to retire early by being economical.

He also discusses what he does with his free time now that he is no longer employed (it turns out he still works, but only on things that excite him).

Mr. Money Mustache’s distinctive wit and continuing personal experiences with money drive the site, making it not only one of the most practical personal finance blogs on the internet, but also a pleasure to read.

You’ll come for the personal finance advice, but you’ll stay for the stories.

2. My wife resigned from her job

Popular Personal Blogs to Get You Started on Your Next Blog Project
My Wife Quit Her Job tells how Steve Chou and his wife launched an online store that grossed more than $100,000 a year.

Jennifer, his wife, was able to leave her job and be at home with the family’s children as a result of this.

The blog combines entrepreneurship and parenthood tales to create a realistic, informative, and heartwarming read.

Even if your aims aren’t the same as the blog’s founder’s, the site can still teach you a lot about launching a home-based business (or anywhere in the world).

As a budding blogger, you can use the site to figure out how to mix your personal life into a blog that isn’t solely about parenting (though that is a viable option, too).

This is also an excellent method for starting a pet-related blog.

3. Kate + Cookie

Cookie + Kate is a food blog for vegetarians.

It would still be a wonderful source of whole food, vegetarian dishes if it ended there.

It’s more than that, though, because Kate, the site’s founder, has included stories and images of her dog Cookie as well.

Cute puppy pictures will melt virtually anyone’s heart, so include them in your blog might be a fun way to stand apart.

This website demonstrates that you can do more with pet images than just create an Instagram account dedicated to them.

You may use them to construct an entire food and recipe brand with a little imagination.

Nia Shanks (#4)

Nia Shanks’ blog is all on how ladies can get in great shape by lifting weights.

The blog also attempts to assist ladies who are dealing with eating disorders and poor self-esteem.

Nia’s image and personality infiltrate the blog’s material, as shown in the screenshot above.

Using her name as the blog headline immediately establishes the blog as a personal one.

The homepage, on the other hand, makes it apparent that this is a fitness blog.

This is a crucial point to emphasize on your personal blog.

Your readers must understand that your blog is more than a compilation of your random thoughts.

Tip from the editor: Choosing a name for your blog and brand is one of the most significant tasks you’ll take when starting a blog.
Before launching your brand, be sure you have a name you like. It’s easier to spend some time thinking about something now than it is to change it later.
For additional information, see our Guide to Choosing a Blog Name and URL.

5. Risk analysis

Riskology was founded by Tyler Tervooren to assist introverts in learning how to flourish in today’s environment.

He shares personal anecdotes about exploring the world and taking (wise) risks.

From stories about Tyler’s life as an introvert, the site has evolved into a comprehensive resource for introverts all over the world who wish to appreciate who they are in a world that can feel overwhelmingly extroverted.

Riskology demonstrates how to make something as intimate as your personality (your personality) into an intriguing blog.

It would be lot simpler for you to connect with your readers if you can be this sensitive on your blog.

6. Zen Routines

Zen Habits is the original minimalism blog, with several imitators and spin-offs.

Sure, it wasn’t the “first,” but that’s beside the point. What matters is that it’s a well-established, influential site that has aided readers in leading simpler, healthier, and more mindful lives.

The site’s founder, Leo Babauta, has an incredible backstory.

From being miserable, worried, unhealthy, and dissatisfied with his job, he went on to run a marathon, wake up early every morning, and write every day.

He’ll be the first to admit that it didn’t happen overnight.

Rather, it happened as a result of his ability to gradually alter his habits and, ultimately, his life.

This is the blog to visit if you’re having trouble writing a blog post.

It serves as a reminder to keep things simple, calm down, and simply breathe.

Advice from the editor: You’re certain to get stuck while writing a blog article at some point. It WILL happen to you, no matter how much experience you have.
We’ve already been there. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 25 blog post ideas to assist you in overcoming writer’s block when it strikes.

Jen Carrington (#7)

Jen Carrington works as a creative consultant. She assists entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into businesses.

Her blog details how she was able to accomplish what she now assists her coaching clients with.

As a result, the blog functions as both an inspiration to readers and a marketing tool for Jen’s services.

Starting a personal blog like Jen’s can be a smart move for promoting your business if you’re already a solitary professional.

It won’t bring you business right immediately, but it might be a good long-term investment in growing your name.

Selling services on your site is a terrific way to monetize the following you’ve spent so much time creating, according to the editor. Because your audience respects and trusts you, selling becomes lot easier because they’re already interested in learning more about what you have to offer.
To get you started, here are six useful tips for selling services on your blog.

Tim Ferriss (#8)

Inspire yourself with these nine popular personal blogs.
Tim Ferriss is best known for his book “The 4-Hour Workweek,” which was one of the first to promote the concept of running an online business from anywhere in the globe with little continuing time commitment.

Ferriss maintains a blog in addition to writing books.

Tim started the site by telling stories about how he learned incredible skills in record time.

While the majority of the information on the blog these days is show notes for Tim’s podcast, you can still learn a lot by reading the pieces he published in the beginning.

For one thing, they remain relevant and valuable, which is an important goal for any blog’s material.

“Will this still benefit people in five or even ten years?” you might wonder. can be a useful tool for distinguishing between good and great ideas.

Selling a digital product like an eBook can significantly enhance your earnings, just like selling services on your blog.
I enjoy creating digital items since they are simple to set up and provide a decent source of passive revenue once they are established. They also have huge profit margins because they require very little maintenance.
To learn more about selling eBooks to your readers, I recommend reading one of my favorite guides on the site, How To Write, Design, Make, And Sell An Ebook On Your Blog.

James Clear (nine)

James Clear is a world traveler, author, weightlifter, and photographer.

He’s also a brilliant storyteller, weaving together scientific studies and biographies of famous people with tips on how to form powerful habits.

Despite the fact that he frequently tells other people’s stories, the blog is clearly his own.

Each post he publishes reflects his easygoing yet detail-oriented attitude.

James’ blog demonstrates how you can have a diverse set of interests while yet maintaining a cohesive theme.

Create a personal blog now.

We hope the examples in this article have demonstrated how to create a genuine and productive personal blog.

We’re enthusiastic to see what you come up with, and we’d like to assist you in getting started.

Starting a blog does not have to be tough in terms of technological considerations.

The combination of WordPress with Bluehost makes it simple to start a blog.

You don’t need any previous web development experience, and your site may be up and operating in minutes.

Our comprehensive tutorial will teach you how to get your blog online.


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